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Download these empowering video trainings / transmissions / guidance / ebooks and many more offerings from Vince and Mary Kramer and all these amazing transformational leaders from all over the world here! Don't delay this page will be available for a limited time.

  1. Awakening Through Moments of Choice Podcast Episodes ($397 value) with Mary Kramer
  2. Creative Myths Keeping Us From Our Purpose ($197 value) with Michelle Vandepas
  3. Improving Struggling Family Relationships Webinar ($297 value) with Dr. Mary Ozegovich
  4. "How to Build Your Lead Generation Machine" Three Part Video Series ($500 value) with Tiffany Cox
  5. Hot "Clear and Compelling Offer" Checklist ($197 value) with Jennifer Diepstraten
  6. Insight Into His Book "Who Are You Really" with Kevin Moore of International Spiritual News Network
  7. Map Your Debt Free Degree Strategy Session ($397 value) with Dr. Elizabeth Rosner
  8. Discover Your Talent-Do What You Love Podcast Episode with Don Hutcheson
  9. "Stay Focused In This Time Of Instant Gratification" Three Part Video Series ($500 value) with Julie Miller Davis
  10. Seven Simple Self-Care Secrets Download ($197 value) with Pamela Zimmer
  11. Simple Shifts Towards A Healthy Life Session ($397 value) with JoJo Bennington
  12. Awakening Through Moments Of Choice Community Discussion with Vince and Mary Kramer

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The winners of the Special Prize Raffle will be announced here on November 11th. The special prize is a 30-minute private Channeling with The Round Table (valued at $150). The lucky 3 winners of this amazing prize are:

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Mary Kramer: Awakening Through Moments Of Choice Podcast Episodes

Mary shares her thoughts and feelings on the stories and concepts presented in Awakening Through Moments Of Choice in a multi-episode podcast series. Click here to get your podcast series from Mary!

Mary is the co-founder of Imagine Miracles, a transformational and personal growth company dedicated to helping you live the life you are meant to live and make the difference you are meant to make in the world. The Imagine Miracles community is the ImagineNation.

Mary has always had a passion for using her power of intuition to recognize people for who they truly are and help them recognize their unique essence! Through the use of many modalities, Mary assists you in moving into your highest vibration.

Michelle Vandepas: Creative Myths Keeping Us From Our Purpose Download

The Creativity Myths PDF outlines 7 myths, 8 lies, and 35 excuses we tell ourselves that keep us from living our purpose. This lesson is part of Michelle’s Purpose and Profit coaching program and is designed to help thought leaders. Click here to get your free gift from Michelle!

Michelle is the co-founder of GracePoint Publishing, a multi-media publishing company that includes traditional publishing, digital media and audio production. As an entrepreneur she always has her ear to the ground and her sites set on the fastest, most effective way to deliver inspiration.

Michelle Vandepas is a serial entrepreneur who has run several million dollar businesses. Michelle believes that business, purpose and making the world a better place are inextricably intertwined!

Dr. Mary Ozegovich: Improving Struggling Family Relationships Webinar

Transform your family relationships with this webinar designed to assist you by improving Family Relationships that are struggling. Click here to get your free gift from Dr. Mary!

Dr. Mary Oz, Ph.D. is a Therapist, Results Oriented Coach and a Change Expert! For the past 33 years she has been helping her clients achieve meaningful, massive, and Radical Change in their lives! She enjoys the challenge of helping her clients quickly and powerfully!  

As the founder of Radical Change Coaching Academy, she has discovered a unique way of combining the best of counseling, with the best of coaching creating rapid results and saving valuable time!

Tiffany Cox: "How to Build Your Lead Generation Machine" Three Part Video Series

Transform your business and become a lead magnet with this 3-part video series designed to help you go to the next level in marketing your brand. Click here to get your free gift from Tiffany!

Tiffany is the Founder and President of Tiffany Cox Design, a full-service marketing agency specializing in helping small businesses, startups and solo entrepreneurs get more customers through digital and traditional marketing services.

Tiffany has always had a passion for helping businesses succeed. Graphic design and marketing have given her the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Jennifer Diepstraten: Hot "Clear and Compelling Offer" Checklist

Would you love to have an offer priced at $2k, $5k, $10k or more that people can't wait to buy? Whether you're selling online, on stage, or on the phone, Jennifer Diepstraten’s Hot Offer Checklist is for you! Click here to get your free gift from Jennifer!

Jennifer is the Founder & CEO of High Ticket Sales Success. She helps the most successful coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs craft and sell extremely desirable offers.

As a result of her expertise, she’s sold over $14 million with her sales conversion system in biotech, medical diagnostics, and personal development coaching, as well as has created a million dollar, heart-centered company.

Kevin Moore: Insight Into His Book, "Who Are You Really?

We all have a story to share that opens others to new and unlimited possibilities. We are called to do and be more. Kevin Moore shares his in "Who are you really?" Click here to get your free gift from Kevin!

Kevin is the founder and owner of THE ISNN: The International Spiritual News Network, the first and only network named for looking at the deeper spiritual and karmic reasons behind the news as it happens.

Kevin's main passions are investigative journalism, spirituality and using media to awaken people to live their most empowered present moment and become the best version of themselves.

Dr. Elizabeth Rosner: Mapping Your Debt Free Degree Session

Is it time for you or your loved one to get a degree and do it without accumulating big debt? Dr. Roz will help you map out your path to a DebtFreeDegree. Click here to email Dr. Roz and schedule your one-on-one session!

Elizabeth is the Founder of DebtFreeDegree with Dr. Roz, where she teaches students how to graduate fully debt-free from universities in the US, helping them map a career trajectory of personal and community impact.

Elizabeth is a Global Educator, teaching Nonviolent Strategies around the world to communities and corporations.  She is a Certified Trainer and Special Projects Manager for the Martin Luther King Center.

Don Hutcheson: Discover Your Talent-Do What You Love Podcast Episode

For years Don has been sharing examples of people who have Discovered Their Talents and are Doing What They Love. Join him as he interviews one of those people and talks about the journey. Click here to get your free gift from Don!

Don coauthored Don’t Waste Your Talent—The 8 Critical Steps to Discovering What You Do Best (3rd Edition). Twice a week, on his podcast “Discover Your Talent~Do What You Love,” individuals from around the world share how they’ve built careers of success, satisfaction and freedom.

Don has created six innovative companies in publishing, advertising and career planning. He recently designed The Discover Your Talent Program to help individuals from age 15 to retirement maximize their career and life plans by understanding their innate talents and abilities.

Julie Miller Davis: "Stay Focused In This Time Of Instant Gratification" Video Series

Transform your life and in turn your business with this three part video series and info graphic to help stay focused in this time of instant gratification! Click here to get your free gift from Julie!

As the owner of Julie Miller Davis Productivity Training, Julie works with business owners and leaders to reset their productivity patterns, become more efficient, and bust through road blocks to reach their goals with excellence. 

Julie’s out-of the-box thinking, knowledge on how to say yes to what is important and no to what is not, makes her one to watch in the world of productivity, prioritizing, and efficiency.

Pamela Zimmer: Seven Simple-Self Care Secrets Download

Self-Care is more than just a monthly massage or spa-day. Self-Care is the daily practice of filling yourself up in the way that works for you. It doesn’t have to be expensive and luxurious. Pamela shares 7 Simple Self-Care Secrets that you can easily implement into your busy, every-day life. Click here to get your free gift from Pamela!

Pamela is a seven-times bestselling author, international speaker and featured guest on countless radio shows, TV, podcasts, blogs and virtual-summits, professional Architect turned Stay-at-Home Mom, thought-leader known as Your Self-Care Concierge.

Pamela hosts retreats and offers wellness products to help support your self-care, on every level - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

JoJo Bennington: Simple Shifts Towards A Healthy Life Session

"Bio-hacking is the new health trending topic, and it can be accomplished to give you a higher and longer quality of life. Join JoJo for a one-on -one health consultation to transform your life. You can schedule an appointment @ (702) 429-1335.

JoJo is certified in nutrition and wellness, and specialize in the area of DNA support, cell regeneration, and inflammation reduction. She has been supporting people in achieving optimal health for over 17 years.

One session with JoJo and you will take away some very simple, yet extremely effective, shifts to increase the level of your health, no matter where you are currently.

Vince and Mary Kramer: Awakening Through Moments Of Choice Community Discussion

Vince Kramer is a transformational trainer, mentor, and Clear Conscious Channel who brings a unique perspective to the world of transformation and purpose-driven growth.

Mary Kramer is a practitioner of several modalities that support and raise energetic vibration. Together, their distinct combination of experience, education, research, and empathy are the pillars upon which they build messages of hope and fulfillment.

Together, they are the co-founders of Imagine Miracles.

Join Mary and Vince Kramer in a conversation and question/answer period on the book and stories that didn't make it into the final manuscript. This one Zoom meeting can be accessed on December 8, 2022 at 6:30 PM MTN. Click here to register and receive reminders.

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