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A special discussion and question/answer event for the Awakening Through Moments of Choice Community

When you buy the Awakening Through Moments of Choice book today and sign up for the free bonus gifts you also get a free ticket to attend an enlightening online live group discussion on the concepts in the book. We will answer questions and share information on how to live the life you are meant to live.

This live discussion will be filled with the concepts of science and spirituality and how you can make sense of your moments of choice and tap into your guidance.  This gift is brought to you by Vince and Mary Kramer and the Round Table.

Awakening Through Moments Of Choice Podcast Episodes With Mary

Mary shares her thoughts and feelings on the stories and concepts presented in Awakening Through Moments Of Choice in a multi-episode podcast series.

Mary is the co-founder of Imagine Miracles, a transformational and personal growth company dedicated to helping you live the life you are meant to live and make the difference you are meant to make in the world. The Imagine Miracles community is the ImagineNation.

Mary has always had a passion for using her power of intuition to recognize people for who they truly are and help them recognize their unique essence! Through the use of many modalities, Mary assists you in moving into your highest vibration.

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Purchase Your Copy Today and Win One of Three Special Prizes

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Purchase Your Copy of Awakening Through Moments of Choice and Claim Your Bonus Gifts!

About "Awakening Through Moments of Choice"

From the outside, Vince Kramer looked like he had it all. Many times, just like most other people do, he thought it couldn’t or wouldn’t get any better. He was a commercial airline pilot, happily married, owned a beautiful home and treated himself to the finer things in life.  And yet, there was always something missing.  With so much in his life, why was he feeling like there should be more? Why wasn’t he happier? Fulfilled? As his days unfolded he came to the uncomfortable realization that searching for satisfaction from the outside world wasn’t going to fill the void within. 

This transformation memoir details Vince’s quest to gain a deeper understanding of the things that matter most: meaning, connection and love.  At the age of 48, he remembered the knowing of a five year old and began a journey of finding himself and to help others do the same. As he begins his search, Vince reconnects with Mary, who opens him up to the worlds of spiritual possibility and divine guidance. Through their connection and conversations, Vince embarks upon a journey of shedding limiting beliefs and opening up to the worlds of possibility and living on purpose. As his life expands, he connects to the eternal energies of Archangels and Ascended Masters and gains a whole new perspective about the direction and meaning of his life. Vince’s story will inspire readers to reexamine their own lives and begin the exciting journey of opening up to all that is truly possible for them and encourage them to find their unique individual connection to the answers of their most pressing questions.

Book Endorsements

What did the advance readers have to say about the Awakening Through Moment of Choice book. Readers found the book hard to put down. Here is what the had to say.

Vince Kramer and Mary Kramer guide, empower and support entrepreneurs to excel in both business and life. These two are shining examples of people who walk their talk and know firsthand the ins and outs of teaching people how to live their “Meant To Live Life”! In their book, Vince and Mary show us their authenticity and vulnerability as they set an example for all of us who hear the calling to something more.  Through their story, you will learn how they created a life aligned with their purpose and feel inspired to do the same!  If you are ready to follow your heart’s calling to be all you can be, this is the book and couple who will guide you on the path of the life you are meant to live.

- Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder, eWomenNetwork, Inc.

Your book triggered an awakening and I feel as though this is the beginning of what I've been seeking for many years. I'm writing through tears. I'm overwhelmed as I'm finishing your book. Such an extraordinary experience for me I'm not good at letting go of control and just allowing and trusting. I am so grateful and look forward to another session with the Round Table. Your book helped explain and solidify the messages that came through in my session and it transformed me in a significant and extraordinary way. So much love and gratitude.

- Michele Ketzmerick , Author

Mary and Vince take us on a journey of his awakening to his true purpose. As he explains, when we are born we come with a true purpose, the why we are here.  This book is the inspirational journey of Vince as he is awakened to his true purpose and now is helping others to do the same. I highly recommend this book, a great first step!

- Bev Branch, Corporate Trainer

I'm grateful to Vince and Mary for sharing their journey to figuring out what to do when you get hit by 2 by 4s in life. Their example is extraordinary - and a testament to what happens when we let go of what we think we know, believe in miracles, and put them to work in our lives. Beautifully written, honestly shared, and transparent in a way few books are.

- Andrea J Lee, Author, We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations

Wow- just finished reading Awakening of Moments of Choice- I couldn't put the book down. I truly found each chapter so engaging and such a story of a powerful journey. You feel right there with the authors and I found myself reflecting on my own life. A great book I'm going to read again and share with others to recommend they read. Thank you for this and such a great read- especially after a few tough years we have all had!

- Beau Brant, Airline Pilot and Pianist

This is a fascinating story of transformation. Vince, a high-achieving pilot with an enviable lifestyle, is shaken to his core by divorce. As his life changes, a new and important relationship with Mary forces him to question basic beliefs. The results alter his life and those of many others. The shared journey of his experience and newfound knowledge can benefit anyone that wants to understand their purpose. It becomes clear that each person can receive messages on the path to living a life in harmony with their highest self. It is quite a journey.

- Linda Alexander, Commercial Realtor

Vince and Mary’s compelling story of love and transformation illustrates the power of twin flame energy united for a greater good. Their journey to find and live their gifts, passion, and purpose inspired them to create Imagine Miracles. It’s exciting to see how Vince and Mary’s keen curiosity coupled with their profound spiritual guidance leads them to support others in finding their unique purpose & then bringing it to the world! This is a highly recommended read!

- Kathy Kehringer, Corporate Executive

This book could read more like a love story than a self-awakening book, but the importance of what is in it can't be understated for somebody who's willing to accept it. As Vince implies, when you live life trying to find happiness and fulfillment from the outside, you're always going to be missing something. The happiness really comes from inside you. I think the best thing that someone can do after reading this is to be open to the possibilities and certainly come up with who you are and how the universe can help you create a better you.

- Mike Frost, Certified Financial Planner

This book is a wonderful gift if you choose to accept it. The authors guide you through their experiences in creating the life they want to live. To do this, they learned to challenge personal beliefs that no longer serve and to open their hearts and minds to different ways to view life. Woven throughout the book are moments of choice - choices that each of us face in our own lives. Vince and Mary share their moments of choice and how those choices have strengthened their lives and they offer methods where the reader can choose to embrace new possibilities and to live a purposeful life. We have free will to choose or not to choose. I chose to step in and read the book (and re-read the book). I am so glad I did.

- Tami Brancamp, Department Chair, University of Nevada-Reno

Meet the Authors Vince and Mary Kramer

About Mary

Mary’s journey into her role as a highly sought-after Self-Reflection Guide began with an eye-opening visit to her cardiologist. It was revealed to Mary that the picture-perfect life in which she thought she was thriving in was actually the reason for her stress and worsening heart condition.

This is where she experienced a moment of choice in which she opted to change her life in order to survive. These changes led her on a spiritual journey where she learned to access her own modalities and vibrations, resulting in unlocking the life she was meant to live as an individual as well as the life she was meant to share with her husband, Vince, serving others to achieve a life of passion and purpose. Mary shares her life experience in her teachings as a way to inspire people to get to know themselves and live an empowered life of their design.

Having been recognized for her intuitive connection to people’s hearts, Mary shines as a guide that aids her students in exploring their inner makeup to reframe their thoughts and circumstantial perceptions so they can vibrate at a higher level to experience divine connection and joy in their lives.

About Vince

From Airline Pilot, Military Veteran, Corporate Exec and Entrepreneur to a transformational teacher/guide and clear conscious channel, Vince Kramer brings a unique experience to the world of self-improvement and purpose-driven growth by combining science and spirituality. His past experiences in stereotypically regimented fields brings a more integrated perspective to the Inward aspects of personal growth not often seen.

As a speaker, teacher, coach, clear conscious channel, and best selling author of ”Mastering the Art of Success” with Jack Canfield, Vince’s distinct combination of experience, education and research helps him develop powerful talks, workshops and online training in finding success and fulfillment by living life by their design. Vince passionately believes everyone is unique and the creator of their own life and success.

It is his desire to inspire and empower men, women, organizations, businesses, and families to find success and happiness by designing and creating a life fueled by their desires. Vince has over 35 years of experience training and coaching people in leadership, personal growth and transformation. He co-founded Imagine Miracles with his wife and business partner Mary, to educate and train leaders and people of all walks of life how to discover, design, create and live their miracle in every aspect of their lives and businesses. Vince wrote and produced the Miracle Life Series of online training programs and associated workshops based on the C.R.E.A.T.E. Model and the Your Unique Purpose Formula.

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