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Welcome to The Round Table

Finding Your Significance in These Changing Times

“Each of you have chosen to be here at this specific time. That choice was made as an energy to participate in the transformation of this Earth Existence from duality into unity. To live your existence in a way that supports the experience of each person in that movement. It is time for each of you to discover and own your part in this journey.” — The Round Table

The Round Table name was selected by the supportive energies that sit with your Higher Self at the table as equals with you. They want to assist each of us and the Collective in knowing who we really are, raising and holding our vibration, and in fully expressing our divinity as 3D humans.

Vince Kramer was selected as the channel to live his Divine Intent of Raising the Vibration of The World through Purpose. As a veteran and retired commercial airline pilot who also created flight training programs in his long career, Vince is not a typical channel. You will appreciate the clarity as he brings through the messages of The Round Table and shares them through channeling and transformational programs in a way that assists everyone in the world to be all they can be and make a real difference in the world.

Mary Kramer is bringing her Divine Intent of Through Connection Opening Hearts by living her Talents and Gifts and expressing them through Imagine Miracles by attracting people that are waking up and ready to live the life they are meant to live.

Together they are bringing their combined energy streams in focus to bring the timely messages of The Round Table to every individual and group desiring a more fulfilling and abundant life.

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