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The Ask The Round Table webinar event is happening TODAY at 12 PM PT.Over 20,000 people have signed up so far—but we’re still missing you!

This is your last chance to be part of this life-changing experience—for FREE!

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No matter where you’re at in life—feeling stuck or disconnected, wondering what your purpose is, in need of gentle guidance…

By the end of this event, you’ll understand your own personal power to co-create a life of fulfilment and joy—and you’ll feel the love The Round Table has for you.

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Here’s what you can look forward to during the webinar:

🙋 A one-of-a-kind chance to see a LIVE Q&A session with The Round Table, with questions from Mary Kramer and answers channeled by Vince Kramer.

🙏 A unique opportunity to gain profound insights from The Round Table into the nature of existence, consciousness, and spirituality.

💞 A closing meditation Vince will channel from The Round Table allowing you to connect with your heart and remember this incredible feeling whenever you need to call upon it.

Time is running out to sign up for free! Once the event begins at 12 PM PT today, registration closes.

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See you soon,

Mary & Vince Kramer



Every third Monday of the month we bring you a brand new group channeling from The Round Table, a loving combination of all the I AM energies.

Whether you’re looking to create a fresh, new chapter in your life, lift a heavy load you no longer wish to carry, or simply want to experience profound love and timeless wisdom from ascended masters and archangels, The Round Table has clear direction and guidance for you.

What to expect when attending a Round Table Channeling:

  • Clarity around your gifts, genius, and purpose
  • Fresh perspectives on troubling times
  • Your heart opening to more love
  • Clear steps for living more purposefully
  • Dormant creative energies reigniting inside you
  • Insights into life’s mysteries
  • Reconnection with your higher self
  • And more

Have a specific question you’d like guidance around?

Beautiful! In the Round Table sign up form below, type “Yes” to a having spotlight session then enter your question. 

Please note: Due to the nature and length of group channeling, limited spotlight sessions are available for each Round Table. We aim to support as many people as possible each month so please enter your ‘yes’ and question below.

Wish not to be spotlighted?

That’s perfect too. Simply grab your seat at the table without entering a question or saying ‘yes’ to a spotlight. All are welcome.


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