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How would it feel to bounce out of bed in the morning, full of energy and excitement for the day?  What would it mean to do something that fulfills you every day without giving up the lifestyle you’re accustomed to? Trust me, you can have it all. 

You can, and should, feel that you’re living your best life. If you don’t feel fulfilled with your current success and believe there is more out there, this will be the most important workshop you will ever attend.

Dear Friend,

How long have you dreamed of doing something that fulfills your soul? Have you ever wondered if you could be successful while doing something you absolutely love? Have you ever felt stuck in your current life because making a big shift would disrupt your life and the lives of your loved ones? If any of that is true for you, you’re in the right place. 

The best part is you don’t have to give up the success you’ve already created to feel meaning and fulfillment. You may not even need to make a big change at all – except for a few adjustments in how you think about what you’re currently doing. 

We know where you are and how you feel because we’ve been there ourselves. Before I began this journey, I experienced a life-changing event that made me rethink everything in my life. I took a big gut-punch, and I felt lost.

But that lost feeling forced me to reach down into my deepest self and discover my core talents, my true self. I spent the next several years discovering my true talents and direction. That exploration allowed me to see myself in a completely different way.  I realized that I didn’t have to upheave the life I was living in order to express myself in a way that’s aligned with my true self.

I realized I didn’t have to throw away the job I loved as an airline pilot, flying Airbuses for United Airlines to create happiness and joy. In fact, I still continue flying today and I feel completely fulfilled. When I’m not flying, I spend time empowering others so they can live a purposeful life – a life filled with passion. Realizing my unique path was inclusive - that I didn't need to sacrifice my success for my soul purpose - changed my life forever. I've never felt more successful than I do today and it's because I discovered who I am, what makes me come alive, and how to create a life that provides all of it.

And that rediscovery set Mary and I down the path we’re on now – helping people just like you find their true purpose while living their best life without sacrificing their success.

This Isn’t Like Other Things You’ve Tried

We understand you. You’ve tried different things in the past to try to get to the answers. 

You’ve attended personal growth conferences that didn’t really help.

You’ve read a dozen self-help books, but the answers you are looking for just aren’t in them.

You’ve talked to coaches and mentors, but their words fell flat. 

You’ve consoled yourself with unhealthy habits (binge-watching Netflix for hours, drinking alcohol daily, avoiding friends, etc.) that still don’t drown out the emptiness, lack of fulfillment, and loneliness you feel.

You’ve tried so many things at this point that you probably think there are no answers. But that’s just not the case. The answers are out there. And we can help you find them.


In our Divine Leap Live workshop, we’ll show you…

  • How to find your divine purpose and start living life in alignment with that purpose
  • How to unleash your true self and start living your passion without giving up your career (unless, of course, you want to)
  • How to make the Divine Leap from successful to fulfilled without leaving those you love behind
  • How to break out of the metaphysical mental prison you’ve been trapped in and finally feel inner peace and joy 
  • How to flip the switch and give yourself the happiness you give everyone else in your life around you
  • How to see yourself not as broken, but deserving of happiness and fulfillment without feeling guilt or shame
  • How to stop the cycle of limiting beliefs and finally find peace of mind while still bringing home the income you want
  • How to transform your life and finally find the freedom you need to fulfill your soul while maintaining a level of success you’ve worked so hard to achieve

All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn, and you can discover your real purpose and finally put an end to the emptiness you feel inside.

You Have a Mission in Life

Imagine waking up in the morning, bouncing out of bed, eager to get to work. Even going to a job that you used to hate, you show up smiling and satisfied. You have a purpose. You are aligned with your true self, and you’ve got a spring in your step that you’ve never had before.

It’s not just a dream. It can happen for you. You'll see yourself differently. You'll finally be able to talk to that person that you didn’t feel confident talking to before. You’ll look better on the outside because you feel better on the inside. You'll glow with true essence, and people will notice. 

Don’t be surprised if others begin to come up to you and ask if you’ve lost weight or if you’ve done something different. You’ll be more attractive because your inner self will be aligned and in-tune with the rest of the world. 

The world needs you and your gifts. But you can’t share them until you fully understand who you are. We’ll explore some exercises to help open your mind and your heart during this workshop, allowing your inner voice to speak to you. 

We use a specific technique that we’ll tell you more about in just a moment to help guide you through this process. We spent 8 years learning and growing, looking for answers. But we have cut that time significantly for you to make your journey quicker and easier.

“Everyone has a purpose in life…a unique gift or special talent to give to others.  And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of goals.”  – Deepak Chopra

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Many people we’ve helped initially thought they couldn’t change. They didn’t want to disrupt their existing lives. They didn’t want to alienate their significant other or their friends.

They were afraid that their whole lives would be turned upside down if they pursued what makes their soul come alive.

Or, worse – their spouses were so fed up with them that they threatened to leave if they didn’t snap out of their funk. Can you imagine? Your spouse, your life partner, telling you they can’t take it anymore unless you do something to change? These clients came to us because they had to find a way to fix what was broken before their marriages fell apart.

But when we taught them how to listen to their inner voice and align their lives with what the universe is trying to show them, they got it. They didn’t always need to change things in a big way. But they changed in a meaningful way that aligned them with their true purpose. 

Once Mary and I finally found our truth, we rediscovered the love we had for the work we do in our current careers. We’re aligned with who we are, and we’re fulfilled by what we’re called to do. We want that for you, too. 

You deserve to be happy, and attending this workshop will be a crucial step in helping you discover your path to true happiness.

It’s Not Just Talk

Let us be clear, we’re not just talking about your purpose. This workshop is about taking action. We can show you the path, but you have to be willing to take meaningful action. 

You can’t simply listen to our words and expect to achieve this higher existence. You have to act on the things you learn. During our Divine Leap Live workshop, we’ll provide the tools you need to get started. 

But you will have to put those tools to work and create real, meaningful action to achieve the desired results.

This is not one of those workshops where you sit back, take notes, and go back to your everyday life and never do anything with what you may (or may not have) learned. 

This workshop will be a catalyst for you to begin your journey to the life you’ve always dreamed of living – a life empowered by design.

How It Works

So, how do we make this happen for you?  We work in a very specific way to help you unleash your true self. 

We’ve created the exact process to help you achieve your desires and realize your most fulfilling life’s work possible. We work through a series of self-discovery and empowerment exercises to bolster your re-awakening.

Most people, in our experience, allow external forces to determine their path in life. They may turn to books, school, society, parents, or even their own ego to find success. But the answers aren’t out there. That’s what eventually creates the emptiness. 

Our clients found success – the great career with the big paycheck, the nice house in the swanky neighborhood, the luxury cars, fancy boats, a family to go with it all – but at the end of the day it didn’t fill the void.

Everyone gets to a breaking point. And that’s when most of our clients find us. 

During the workshop we’ll teach you how to step off the path of people-pleasing, perfection-chasing, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, stress and burnout. We’ll show you how to look internally for the answers, instead.

First, we’ll introduce you to our Proven 5-Step Unique Purpose Formula to determine your true purpose.


Next, we’ll teach you how to recognize your limiting beliefs by discovering how you came to have them in the first place and why. Once we work together to discover those beliefs, you’ll learn to see those beliefs for what they are. Then, when they are no longer serving you, you can identify, acknowledge, and release them.


We use a technique called channeling to tap into what’s called the I AM energies to provide crystal clear guidance for you on your next steps. This guidance will help you understand and see yourself through a different lens, one that reveals the core of your being – your truest essence. Following your path from this place is the secret to marrying your success and divine purpose. You’ll finally see how all of the puzzle pieces fit together.

You’ll leave our workshop with the tools you’ll need to uncover the answers you've been seeking..  

We’ll accomplish...

  • Your quantum leap in awareness of yourself and your beliefs – This is where we explore why you’re living the life you’ve been living. Then, we’ll show you how to live the life you want instead of the life you’ve been living.
  • Finding a solid foundation with your answers to help you continue your journey – You’ll learn about your energy, spirituality, and quantum physics – the “Trinity of You” – and how to tap into it.
  • You’ll learn powerful tools to continue your discovery after you leave the workshop – You’ll receive guidance from one of your personal “guides” through the practice of channeling.
  • The next steps in discovering your purpose – Once you’ve discovered the open door, you’ll want to know how to walk through it.

Picture yourself…

  • Finally letting go of that emptiness you’ve been feeling for a while
  • Finally feeling satisfied and fulfilled every day, no matter what your job is
  • Being able to attract more business, clients, relationships, etc. easily and without working 80 hours per week
  • Finally reaching that 6 to 7-figure mark in your business, breaking through the plateau you’ve been struggling with
  • Finally feeling like your life has purpose and that you’re aligned with that purpose
  • Finally letting go of all the self-doubt that’s been holding you back
  • Finally understanding the limiting beliefs you’ve been holding onto and letting those beliefs go for good
  • Finally know that you won’t reach the end of your life and regret not changing the things you could have changed

Miracles aren’t magic. They’re the direct results of deliberate intention and action toward the life you want. Our proven method has helped thousands already. And we can help you, too.

Just listen to what a few of our past clients have said about what they accomplished during one of our previous Divine Leap Live Workshops…

“For the first time in my life, I know who I am and how I want to show up in the world. With your help, I have a greater awareness of how and why I was living my life the same old ways. I have changed my marriage, my health and my relationship with my son. I have found the confidence and desire to make a real difference in the world by sharing myself and what I have to offer.” – Paul Huson

“I was lost and now I have been found. I now know what it means to live by my own rules. I was willing to give up something I loved. But, I’ve been living my purpose all along. Thanks for opening my eyes.” – Pete Jackson

“Your work is right on target. I had no idea that I was the thing that was in the way of my success. I’m not only in alignment with my business and working with my ideal client, I’m free to explore more ways to live my life in a more satisfying and productive way. I have real meaning in every area of my life.” – Rob Munch

And these are only a few of the wonderful people we have helped find their way through the chaos. We simply introduced them to our proven method of self-discovery and helped them see what was there inside themselves all along.

If you’ve read this far, then you know this workshop is what you’ve been looking for. You are tired of feeling empty and lonely. You’re ready to make a meaningful change to start living a life full of meaning and purpose. 

But you don’t want to give up the life you’ve built to do it. You want meaning and a healthy income, too.

Well, this is your exclusive invitation to attend our next Divine Leap Live Workshop, where you’ll learn how to do just that. Our next Divine Leap Live Workshop is November 20, 2021.

It’s one day that will change your life.

One More Question

And now you’re wondering how much of an investment you need for this life-changing event.

That’s a great question, and we’ll get to that in just a moment. 

But first, we want to ask you a question…

How much would it cost you not to attend an event like this?

How much longer can you continue on your current path? How long will you be able to sustain a life that doesn’t fulfill you? 

Would your marriage fall apart? 

Would your friends start to drift away because you’ve become unbearable to be around?

Would you start to fall into a deep depression?

Would your business start to suffer (or maybe it already is) because you can’t find joy in any of it anymore?

How long could you hide your misery from your coworkers, your boss, your spouse, your friends?

What are you willing to lose by not taking action today? Could you even put a price on your happiness? 

What if we told you that you could attend this Divine Leap Live Workshop, learn to redirect your energy to find your true self, and find your purpose... 

...and it won’t even cost you $200?

In fact, it wouldn’t even cost you $100.

You can reserve your seat for our upcoming Divine Leap Live Workshop on November 20, 2021 for just $97.

That’s it – $97.

Is a future full of joy, fulfillment, purpose, and happiness worth $97 to you?

If it is, then all you have to do is click the button to get your ticket. 

Go ahead. Click the button to reserve your spot. And know that your true purpose is calling you. 

But don’t wait – at this price seats will fill up quickly and you don’t want to miss your chance to be at this Divine Leap Live Workshop!

There’s a reason you’ve found yourself reading this letter. The universe is telling you that you’re here for a reason. And right now, you are just weeks away from learning how to live the life you were always meant to live.

Click To Reserve My Spot

We are so excited to see you at our Divine Leap Live Workshop. We can’t wait to help you launch your journey to your purpose-filled life.

Imagine Miracles

Discover, Create, and Live Your Miracle Life


P.S. If you’ve skipped to the bottom of this page, we totally understand that. So we’ll cut to the chase and tell you what you can expect. 

We’re hosting a Divine Leap Live Workshop to teach you how to find your true self and your true purpose. We will help you discover what your purpose is through our exclusive, proven 5-Step Unique Purpose Formula we’ve developed to accelerate your results. 

During this workshop, you’ll finally have the answers to the questions:

  • Who are you? 
  • Why are you here? 
  • What is your unique purpose?
  • How do you live a life that’s fulfilled?

All without giving up the success you’ve achieved in your life and career. You’ll discover how to live in harmony with the universe no matter where you are or what you do for a living.

The cost to attend this workshop is just $97. 

It’s one day that could change the rest of your life. Finally, you can begin the journey to discover your true self and your purpose. You will have the tools you need to find the meaning you’ve been missing in your life. 

You can have a life you love and still have a career. You don’t have to quit your successful job, pack everything into a backpack,  sell off all of your possessions, including your house, and live in a tent to have a life you love waking up to everyday. 

And all you need to do is join us for our Divine Leap Live Workshop to learn how. 

Seats are limited so don’t wait to get your tickets. They will sell out fast!

So, click here to claim your seat. You owe it to yourself.

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