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♦ Core #1: C.R.E.A.T.E Model Video Series

Take a Quantum Leap in your life as you uncover everything you need to create the life you are meant to live. Learn the six steps that will catapult you into living by your blueprint and by your design. Transform your life and learn to use the universal laws to live by your divine blueprint with happiness, health and abundance in every area of your life. ($6,000 value)

♦ Core #2: Quantum Transformation Coaching

These group laser coaching sessions will answer questions you didn't even know you had. You will discover the next steps for you to fully live life on your terms. They will support you in moving fully in the shortest direction for you to a fulfilled life that supports you fully in being a conscious creator of the life you have always known was there for you. ($7,000 value)

♦ Core #3: The Round Table Channelings

Get guidance from source energy and your higher self to get the 100,000 foot view of your life and purpose.  The Round table has the ability to see you and the entire group in a way you can't see yourself. You will learn from the guidance each and every person gets, accelerating your growth and understanding, as well as, enhancing your access to all the knowledge that is available to you. ($2,000 value)

♦ Core #4: Private Intake Coaching Session

Kick off your year with this 1 hour private coaching with Vince and Mary to help you map out the most supportive way for you to use this year long program. You will map out a strategy to help you manifest the life you are meant to live and support you in uncovering what might get in the way or sabotage you. You will learn through self-discovery how to empower yourself through this journey. ($1,000 value)

♦ Core #5: "Live My Dreams" Retreat

Bring everything you learn in the C.R.E.A.T.E. model and use it to create the life you are meant to live in this strategically-timed 3 day event. Learn to dream again and how to make those dreams a reality. Understand what you need to do to experience life in a way that supports you in living your mission and accomplishing everything you are here to do. You will design a plan to make a real difference in the world. ($3,000 value)

INCLUDED Bonus #1: Accelerate Your Success Calls

Mary supports you in getting the most out of the investment in the Quantum Circle. These twice monthly calls provide you the opportunity to take your knowledge and understanding and move into being and doing. The calls provide you accountability and community in a way that will catapult you into experiencing the Quantum Leaps you are wanting. They will assist you in expediting your results. ($6,000 value)

INCLUDED Bonus #2: "What Do I Want" Discovery Workshop

Finally uncover exactly what you want in life. Discover what is in alignment with the real you and what will best support who you are. You are the only one that knows exactly what supports you in living your life your way. You will no longer be influenced by others or the media in discovering the things that support you living a fulfilled and satisfying life. ($2,000 value)

INCLUDED Bonus #3: Discover Your Beliefs Video Course

Know exactly what your beliefs are. Uncover the beliefs that have been silently sabotaging you experiencing life in the way you know you are meant to experience it. Discover the beliefs that have been empowering you on your journey. Increase your understanding of your past experiences and how they have resulted in a system that affects every aspect of your life. ($1,000)

AT EVENT Bonus #4: "Your Essence Signature" Retreat

In this one day workshop, learn how to align with your true and concentrated essence in a way that will result in more confidence and leave a greater impact on everyone you know or meet. Use what you learn to improve your relationships, your conversations and your ability to live your purpose in a way that makes a real difference. Discover you vibration and how to best support it every day.($1,000 value)

IF PAID IN FULL Bonus #5: Private Round Table Channeling

A one-on-one opportunity to ask source energy any question you may have. During this channeling you will have an intimate conversation with your higher self and your guides. You will get unprecedented assistance in moving fully into your experience in the Quantum Circle and life. You will get a better awareness and confirmations that will support you in your transformation. ($1,000 value)




Paid in Full Investment = $8,997
Or $997 and 9 Monthly Payments of $1,000

Total Value: $28,000



♦ Gold Level: Private Coaching and the Quantum Circle Silver Level

Along with all the benefits of the Silver Level, have Vince as a co-pilot on your journey to create the life you discovered in Take a Quantum Leap. Get one-on-one support designed especially to accelerate your understanding and implementation of everything you need to be happy, healthy and abundant. Have access to The Round Table along the way. This is the fast track to living the life you are meant to live and making a difference.($15,000 value)

Paid in Full Investment = $15,000
Or $997 Down initial payment of $5,000 and 8 Monthly Payments of $1,750

Total Value: $43,000



♦ Platinum Level: Private Weekend Immersion and the Gold Level

Spend two full days in person with Vince and Mary to accelerate creating the life you desire in one or more areas. They will share advance techniques for you to use during your Quantum Circle year and fine tune it in the virtual private coaching. In this multi-dimensional experience, you will expand into a higher vibration supporting you creating your life in alignment with Your Unique Purpose Blueprint. You will be immersed in the initial steps of mastering your mind and partnering with your ego and trusted source. ($25,000 value)

This is an accelerated program and there are a limited number available. Register Now at the Gold Level and we will meet with you to ensure that the Platinum Level is a good fit at this time.

Total Value: $68,000



“Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: The most important investment you can make is in yourself. Everybody has potential they haven’t used yet.”    - Warren Buffet


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