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The ImagineNation Miracles Membership with The Round Table is a melting pot of passionate people spreading positive vibes. It's about living your most meaningful life by finding your purpose, becoming spiritually rich, and igniting the fire within you. The Round Table is a group of channeled energies that come and share knowledge and guidance through conscious, clear channel, Vince Kramer. The Round Table is very similar to Abraham through channel Esther Hicks. They bring an expanded message of discovering, creating and living the life you are meant to live.

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Awaken Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Our souls are constantly hungry for expansion. Even if you feel spiritually disconnected or a sense of emptiness, your soul desperately craves an intimate relationship with growth. Since everyone is searching for answers, it's easy for anyone to feel confused about which religion to choose or which God to pray to. None of that matters.

What matters is that you learn to master your mind and support yourself with empowering beliefs and thoughts. If you feel like nothing is ever good enough, or you're not good enough, then you're sending the universe a terrible message. Feeling unhappy or unsatisfied in your life means you're not aligned with your true self. It's time to acknowledge the real you and treat yourself with compassion.

It's awful to feel like you haven't done anything of value. As if you were useless, which we all know isn't true. It doesn't help that most of us feel like the work we do in our careers is meaningless. And to bandage all these wounds we simple say, “That's life” or “it isn’t going to get any better than this.”

The same thing if you are a business owner. Look at your experiences. Are you attracting the best clients or customers? Are they buying from you? The energy you bring to your business affects your success and whether or not you prosper. If you bring beliefs of lack and difficulty to your business, lack and difficulty will be the outcome. Awakening to your true self will support the business in being and thriving in a way that supports you and others.

But there is so much more to it all. There are billions of atoms in your body, trillions of cells, and the very fact that you're alive is incredible. With billions of stars and galaxies in the universe, you have the power to make an impact on this planet. The ImagineNation is for anyone who wants to make deeper spiritual connections, dramatically improve himself or herself, or find purpose and meaning in their lives.

When you choose to have access to The Round Table, you will be able to get personal guidance one-on-one with this group of high vibrational energies. This will enable you to discover your specific answers to even your most difficult question opening you to your unique purpose and the part you play in the world.

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Raise Your Vibration

When you're not aligned with who you really are, you may run into some problems:

  • Feeling like nothing is good enough. You always feel unsatisfied and you're looking for more or better things.
  • Feeling worthless or not good enough. You struggle to love yourself for the most incredible being you are.
  • Something tragic happened that makes you feel hurt, anxious or scared. You feel like you haven't done anything of value or your life is meaningless.

When you join the ImagineNation, you become a part of a collective consciousness of high vibrational beings. In other words, you'll join a community of people committed to support you in your personal growth. The ImagineNation gives your soul the spiritually rich diet it deserves: growth.


Transform Your Life and Live Your Destiny

Life is more enjoyable when you find purpose and meaning. You wake up every morning beaming with energy as if you're burning brighter than the sun. Passion consumes you, and you become an unstoppable force in the universe.

When you get to this point of discovering your miracle life, you're able to live a happier, fulfilled and successful life. You create a path to live your mission and share your purpose with the world. Dreams can come true, and you realize that you have the power to create any life you really want.

Aligning with your true self means you're living the life you were meant to live. You're at a level of extreme confidence because you believe in yourself. You feel worthy and good enough. Now you're calling the shots and taking premium care of yourself. This puts you in control.

No one should take their journey alone. That's why The ImagineNation Miracles’ Membership is a sacred place to connect with phenomenal people who care about supporting you. This is a community where you can share positive energy with others, surround yourself with healthy vibrations, and help others on their personal development journey. And with access to the Round Table, you are never alone. They are loving but direct as the help you open your eyes to even the smallest things that you may not be seeing.

The ImagineNation gives inspiration and motivation at any time. It's meant to keep you focused throughout your day, and help you live the life of your dreams. Whether you're feeling low and need to lift your spirits, or you're already vibrating at a high level and wish to keep improving, The ImagineNation, is an online community of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical acceptance. Not to mention, it includes intense self-improvement content.

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The Round Table Elites

The ImagineNation is about transforming people's lives and The Round Table is there every step of the way. A membership here is a step in the right direction of your journey. You live the life you were meant to, and you become who you were always meant to become. Even at the BASIC Membership Level you get access to transcripts of The Round Table’s most powerful messages.

Watch these videos about how the magic of The Round Table personally affects people's lives:

Wendy Vaughan

Sales Mastery Coach and Owner of Predictable Sales Results

George Morrison

Marketing Wizard and Owner of IV Web Design

After joining the ImagineNation and working with The Round Table, you can raise your vibration and see more of the magic in the world and the good in what life has to offer. You’ll become more self-aware in the positive outcome of every circumstance, and the Law of Attraction starts to perform miracles for you.

A lot of people have mentioned that they already knew in their hearts the information the Round Table shared with them. It is because we all have access to that knowledge. But it's a refreshing confirmation to hear what we need to hear. Even if it's direct and right in your face, the conformation helps you see you are on the right track.

Science drastically supports the health benefits of positivity. In fact, you've certainly heard about the “placebo effect.” It's so powerful that drug companies must test against it, and it's amazing to think that our bodies can heal like that.

The ImagineNation by Imagine Miracles also includes bonus personal growth products that took over 35 years in the making. That means phenomenal content you can access from your smart device at any time.


Legends Are in All of Us

We believe anyone has the power to be legendary. You can reach a god-like version of yourself and become unstoppable. But it's hard to do alone, and it doesn’t happen overnight. When you surround yourself with legends you become a legend.

With The Round Table, you have a support system to keep you focused as you live out your own mission. Also, you'll get your hands on some deep personal growth and spiritual abundance products, which took years to perfect.

The Round Table and ImagineNation Miracles help people connect with their higher selves and wake up to a life of passion and excitement. There's a free membership at the BASIC Level that gives you access to $1000s of the very formulas and models we bases our most popular and transformation delivering products on. In that level, you’ll get transcript of The Round Table channelings that include their most urgent and powerful messages. It’s free, so it is risk-free. If you want live access to The Round Table and incredible discounts on trainings and products, you can choose another upgraded level.

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This is a membership that's open to anyone who wants to live with freedom and by their own design. This is also for anyone who:

  • is never satisfied with anything and is always looking for more.
  • is missing a spiritual connection and knows there is something out there for them.
  • wants to realize that their life has meaning, and they do have a purpose to do something amazing.
  • Is unhappy and wants to make a dramatic impact on this world.

A Legend is in Your DNA

When you're eager to grow and your ready to align with the life you are meant to live, there are plenty of courses and Masterclasses at Imagine Miracles and in the ImagineNation Community. This will lead you down a path to the better you, and a more fulfilled life.

If you're spiritually hungry, there are plenty of resources like meditations, channelings, and energy education. This will make you spiritually abundant and find peace and freedom

For those who feel unsatisfied or unhappy with the way your lives are currently, will enjoy Imagine Miracles' passion and purpose courses. Free yourself by realizing there is still plenty of time, you are unique and special, and you can live your own purpose every day.

We all need to make connections and have community. The ImagineNation is a place for beautiful hearts and brilliant minds to get together to share ideas, help each other, and grow together.

Grab Your Seat with Round Table in the ImagineNation!

Sacred Place to Be Yourself

When you join the ImagineNation, you're greeted with positive vibes, high vibrational energy, spiritual abundance, and a virtually infinite amount of personal growth wisdom. It's a stepping stone on your path to discovering a miracle life and living with purpose and meaning. Understand the power of the Universe, and your role in it.

If you choose the PARTNER Level of membership, you get:

  • High Vibrational Understanding Channelings: learn how to raise your vibrations to experience happiness, spiritual abundance, and unconditional love
  • Full Masterclass: learn the 4 Things You Don't Know About Discovering Your Miracle Life.
  • Passion and Purpose Webinar: discover your purpose and how to live a meaningful life.
  • Vibration and Essential Oils: read articles to grow your understanding of how essential oils affect your vibration.
  • Up to 50% Off Select Products or Services: enjoy exclusive discounts on private channeling services, self-improvement courses, Imagine Miracles Live Events and VIP days.
  • Live Channelings with Q and A: meet The Round Table live and have an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers that will give you a tremendous feeling of understanding about the universe and you in it.
  • Miracle Minutes: inspirational videos to keep you motivated and on course throughout the day.
  • Your Unique Purpose Formula: 5 easy to follow steps to help you discover who you really are, and what your mission is.
  • Miracle Life Blueprint: 6 simple steps to structure your life and surroundings to support your success and happiness.
  • Channeling Transcripts: investigate the experience of a spiritual channeling, and how one can guide you along a beautiful and fulfilling path.
  • Free Chapter from a Bestseller: an insightful chapter from Mastering the Art of Success with Vince Kramer and Jack Canfield.
  • Bonus Content: extra personal growth resources to help you improve exponentially.

Membership at The Round Table

ImagineNation Miracles is a portal to infinite spiritual wisdom, self-discovery, and higher consciousness. When you join the ImagineNation and sit at The Round Table, you're plugged into high vibrational content right at your fingertips. Remember the BASIC Membership is FREE. If you choose to invest in yourself and upgrade to a higher membership level, you have full access to the info for the level you choose. YES, you'll have full access to the transformational products shown below:

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Through January 31, 2019, you can become a FOUNDING PARTNER at ImagineNation Miracles. We are looking for 50 qualified people to join us at the Founding Partner level. The PARTNER level is usually $2500 a year. FOUNDING PARTNERS will get PARTNER level status for only $1250 a year. And the best part….for as long as you keep your membership active at the PARTNER Level, you will only pay $1250/year without a price increase.

This is available through January 31, 2019 and only the first 50 PARTNERS to sign up.

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Share your positive energy with others, as you live the life you were destined to live. ImagineNation Miracles is a sacred place to enjoy life to the fullest.


Are You Ready to Sit at The Round Table?

The Round Table can't wait to meet with you. Remember, you will be getting guidance and knowledge from a high vibrational group of Archangels and Ascended masters dedicated to helping you grow and expand into the life you are meant to live. We're in this together, and at Imagine Miracles, we're completely supportive of your transformation. Join the ImagineNation and The Round Table today and start living with excitement and purpose.

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