The Miracle You - Guest Information

I am very excited and look forward to you joining me on The Miracle You Podcast, where our conversation together will give the ImagineNation insights and inspiration about living by their design, on purpose and with passion in life, family, business, and work. 

You were hand-selected to be a guest on this podcast for two very specific reasons:

You are someone who exemplifies the concept of “living life on purpose. Specifically, you are an example of sharing your unique talents and gifts in a way that brings meaning and joy to the lives of others.

You have an interesting story that adds value to the humanity and can be of use to an audience hungry for quality content. The ImagineNation listeners are looking for insights and inspiration about living the life you are meant to live and making the difference you are meant to make.

What to expect:

Conversations will be recorded via Zoom (audio and video.) Only the audio will be used for the podcast. If you desire an audio only interview, please advise the day of interview. I will use Skype as a back-up so please provide that information below.

I will send you a Zoom invite with the meeting number. I will connect into Zoom at our appointed time. If we have problems with Zoom, i'll send a Skype invitation. Accept my invitation on Skype prior to the call. Skype: vjkramer13

I do The Miracle You interviews on Mondays and Wednesdays. Our conversation will last 30-35 minutes. Please schedule 45 minutes to allow for any technical problems or a slightly longer interview.

This is a fairly structured show and will mostly follow the flow described described in The Miracle You Podcast flow. Please review the flow by selecting the button below!

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What I need from you:

Please fill out the form below to provide me all the information I need to best serve my listeners (Imagine Nation) and you.

Be sure email your full professional bio and 50-75 word intro for you to our team at

Please email a high resolution headshot photo (200-300 dpi) that is suitable for print advertisement, as well as on the internet to

Please share any other information you feel is pertinent to our conversation. If there are any words that are unusual or difficult to pronounce, a guide to them would be most appreciated! Include them in the above requested email to

You will be able to automatically connect to Zoom with the provided link. I will send an invitation to our Zoom meeting no later than three days prior to our scheduled interview with the meeting number and a link to connect.

Make sure you have a microphone that ensures top quality sound for the podcast. You must use a microphone other than a built-in. If you don’t have one I recommend: Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, Cardioid – Black on

Also, if you can be hardwired to the Internet, it will help ensure there will be no interruption to the conversation.

Be prepared with a glass of water and be ready to have fun. We will get to know each other before we start recording.

I’m really looking forward to sharing your story with listeners (the ImagineNation) and giving you and your mission another place to be shared!

Select the button below to share your important information with me and schedule an interview time!

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