001: Finding the Gift in Your Past with Andrea J Lee

Andrea is an in-demand speaker and trainer on the topic of emotional abuse and violence prevention, and CEO of Thought Partners International, a boutique consulting firm. Described by clients as a hands-on, “Back Pocket CEO,” Andrea’s strengths lie in helping innovative ideas get traction in the market. Her clients create leveraged, sustainable income in alignment with their values. What Andrea loves most is to shift our culture and create the better world she believes is possible.

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Episode Resources:

Andrea's website: www.andreajlee.com

Facebook: Andrea J Lee

Free Classes: Ask Andrea page on her website

Three Key Points:

  • Andrea’s strengths lie in helping innovative ideas find footing.
  • She is the coach you want when the chips are down, and stakes are high.
  • A thought partner whose game gets better when what you’re working on is deeply important.

Show Notes:

3:56 - Learning to develop yourself as an instrument of your essence.

5:02 - Bring Peace into your life with the question, "where am I?"

6:49 - Andrea's wake up call from her chaos.

11:44 - How her wake up changed her life. Dark times are our friends.

13:38 - The Miracle Andrea brings to the world.

16:11 - How to hold the space for people to find themselves.

19:06 - How to better listen and hear.

21:18 - Learn about Andrea's next step in making a difference in the world.

26:42 - How she ensures that beliefs don't hold her back.

29:59 - How to get in touch with Andrea.

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