012: Loving Yourself and Expressing You with Tye Miles

Tye Miles is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, wife, and mother. Known as The Personal Freedom Expert, she recently left her successful multi six figure business to answer a higher calling to help girls and women escape societal conformity and reset their beliefs towards themselves. In doing so, they can create a positive and prosperous life that truly represents their uniqueness.

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Three Key Points:

It’s important to be yourself and bring the real you to the world. When you show up to the world as the real you, you’re going to be able to attract the right people into your life.

Your beliefs aren’t real. They’re brought up from family, friends, school, church, etc. We choose to believe them.

We are the creators of our lives. If you don’t step up and seek people to help you open the right doors, and take action, then nothing happens.

Show Notes:

4:20 — Tye reveals that she went from making 6 figures to making 7 figures in her business, but she still wasn’t feeling fulfilled. Something was missing, and she shares how she found her true purpose.

7:52 — It’s okay to walk in your uniqueness. Tye shares evidence that having faith in yourself and your creator, that opportunities will unfold for you.

9:32 — While being a minister, a wake-up call in Tye’s life made her question everything she’s ever believed. She came out strong by realizing that the gift of uncertainty opens herself to explore new beliefs and ideas.

14:27 — Vince shares that wake-up calls help us realize who we truly are.

19:32 — It takes courage, commitment, and time to adopt healthier beliefs. Tye shares that one of the biggest decisions someone can make is to take ownership of their actions.

22:34 — You can trust God all you want, but if you don’t trust yourself to take action, you’ll be stuck just trusting God. Tye says it so well, and she explains the importance of believing in yourself to act and going for good enough.

26:02 — For the first time ever, Tye shares a special spiritual project. She’s working on bringing balance into people’s lives.

27:19 —At one point, Tye’s beliefs revolved around her modelling career. The wake-up call of child-birth sent her on a journey of personal development. Her body changed, and so did her life.

29:58 — By reprogramming herself, and removing negativity from her life, Tye was able to transform her life. When you appreciate yourself, and realize you are good enough, it will take over and change every single part of your life.

34:55 — Tye says it’s not our job to worry, it’s not our job to panic. It’s our job to believe that we have what we need to succeed.

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