020: Living Life on Your Terms with Jakob Palmqvist

What does it mean to live life on your terms? A dramatic wake-up call meant the ignition of a different path for Jakob.

A path away from finance and the rat race, leaving his old self and life of conformity behind. Now he wants to serve others so that they too can start living their life on their terms.

He will explain how this path is available to all of you in the ImagineNation!

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Three Key Points:

It’s important to make sure we live our lives our way. Why is it so important to find yourself and find out who you really are? Because most of us have spent much of our lives based on belief systems given to us by other people. We’ve lived life in a way based on what society teach us (for example, what marketing tells us what love looks like, what success looks like, etc.).

Wake-up calls come in ways that make us believe it’s the end of the world for us. However, when we really investigate the wake-up call, and look inside ourselves, we bring our vibration up. We can change the chemistry of our bodies or change the course of our lives drastically.

We need to act, otherwise things don’t happen for us. It’s okay to gain knowledge and learn and grow… But if we stay put, and don’t act, then nothing happens. To be happy, healthy, and wealthy, you must take action and take your first step.

Show Notes:

4:46 — Working in Finance in what he calls “a little box of conformity,” Jakob Palmqvist learned that taking the step to changing career paths was one of the best decisions he’s ever made. He shares how he’s helping others live better lives.

7:13 — Jakob Palmqvist shares that people can only change their lives if they are willing to do so. He also gives a few tips on how to get more out of the seminars and coaching.

9:28 — Helping others live their lives on their terms is Jakob’s true calling and mission in life. He shares that your mission or purpose in life doesn’t have to be anything glamorous, it doesn’t have to be anything big.

10:34 — Jakob used to love math, finance, the stock-market, and everything about it. It was the direction he was heading for 30 years, and he was very competitive. A wake-up call that left him with an auto-immune disease dramatically changed the course of his life.

12:29 — Being told by a dozen different medical doctors that there’s nothing he can do to fix his disease except take medication for the rest of his life, Jakob started changing his lifestyle, his diet, his work, his hobbies, etc. Miraculously it worked, and Jakob was able to heal his disease. This not only surprised the medical professionals, but also confused them.

15:52 — The way he was living was very unhealthy for Jakob. If we treat our bodies and mental health poorly, it will backfire on us. We will end up getting some type of wake-up call if we don’t change our behaviors.

17:30 — Not handling his stress levels properly made Jakob react to the world around him in negative ways. He even noticed the way he was treating other people because the stress was heavily affecting his behaviors.

24:11 — If people want to live life on their terms, they need to listen to their minds (or hearts) and listen to how they really want to live their life. How do you want to live your life? Do you want to live in the middle of nowhere? Or do you want to live in the middle of the city? It doesn’t matter, but what does matter is what you want to do.

26:52 — Jakob Palmqvist shares that the best way you can help him change the world, is by helping yourself. It’s not about others, it’s not about him, it’s about you. Help yourself and pay it forward (make a difference in someone else’s life) then you can help make an impact in this world. Do something for yourself and do something for someone else.

28:37 — Living with passion and living with purpose can be a challenge when you don’t know what it is. Spend some time in a quiet place and start listening to your heart about what it is you really want to do. Then start taking some small steps in that direction. Jakob Palmqvist shares the rest of the process of truly living your life with passion and momentum.

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