029: Validating the Magic of You with Emerald Greenforest

Emerald Greenforest is a Multidimensional Visionary Mentor, Artist & Professional Speaker.

An award-winning entrepreneur for decades, and one of America’s Premier Experts, she is the Founder & Lead Visionary of Creative Age Consulting Group, an internationally known speaker and transformation artist that travels all over the United States and internationally speaking and teaching.

Executive Producer and Hostess of the Men On Purpose Podcast (Ranked as a top 200 podcast on iTunes), she's especially passionate about spotlighting, activating & assisting Magnificent Men who are called to be the Vanguard of the Creative Age. Emerald works with high achieving leaders who are called to create conscious change.

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Episode Resources:

Instant Clarity Exercise (8 Minute Meditation): https://www.emeraldgreenforest.com/gift

Website: https://www.emeraldgreenforest.com/

Three Key Points:

Having a community that can serve as a support system can be so nourishing and helpful during a Crisis Awakening. When people experience tragedy, it’s so powerful to be surrounded with a positive environment.

There are no mistakes or coincidences in life. We show up in the right places, at the right time, with the right people.

Most people learn the best by example. Lead by example may sound cliché, but it’s true.

Show Notes:

3:50 — Emerald Greenforest shares that she’s focused on being a support system the “Creative Age” leaders. We’ve had the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, Industrial Age, etc. She shares why she believes we’re now at the dawn of the Creative Age.

6:08 — When Emerald had an awakening many years ago, she had a calling that lead her to shift humanity in the right direction. She shares how new energy, and a powerful vision will dramatically change lives.

8:15 — As a real-estate developer, Emerald experienced a tragic moment that ended her career, and moved her to open her heart and grow in so many ways. She shares her story more in detail.

11:46 — Emerald shares the juicy details about the people who have impacted her life in some way. Some people were positive and supportive, but also some people were harmful.

15:58 — The biggest gift Emerald has to offer the world is being a living embodiment of evolution. She shows people that they’re capable of being fearless, and unattached to anything.

19:03 — Emerald reveals some never-before-shared insight in how she prepares for the next step in her journey. Being in the unknown is an immensely powerful place.

21:12 — After her spiritual awakening, Emerald left the real-estate industry behind. She shares her ambitious dreams that she had for the long term, yet she accomplished those dreams in only 17 months. However, things turned for the worst with her son. He’s tried a couple of suicide attempts, struggled with addiction, and got himself in trouble a few times.

23:00 — A devastating turn of events caused a dramatic change of belief in Emerald. Experiencing near-death, she realized that she’s not capable of helping or saving her son.

24:11 — Vince and Emerald shares that we all have awakenings in our lives, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t come across moments that open our eyes even further or pushes us in the right direction.

25:17 — The biggest piece of advice that Emerald can give to the ImagineNation is that “clarity is divinity.” It’s super easy to follow, and she explains what this means in detail.

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