031: Exploring the Magic of You with Jennifer Royal

Jennifer S. Royal is a professional magician and mindset coach. She started doing magic at the age of 4 and studied every field of magic including mentalism and hypnotism. After getting 2 academic degrees and working in the film industry in Germany and Hollywood she became a full-time entrepreneur teaching people what they can learn from the mindset of a magician - making the impossible possible daily using special thinking strategies. Jennifer is also the host of the international podcast PURE MIND MAGIC that interviews brilliant minds from around the world on how we can create more magic in business and in live using our mind in a different way.

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Three Key Points:

Every one of us has a special super power. This super power is imagination. It’s about using thought and feeling to create.

When you change, everything around you changes as well. Starting from the inside out, everything else will follow in a magical way.

If you have a hobby that you really enjoy, find a way to keep it alive. Sometimes routine or feeling like you “have” to do something can extinguish the fire and passion you had towards that hobby.

Show Notes:

4:21 — Being a magician makes you see the world from a different point of view. Seeing things in a more playful way, creating magic means making the impossible possible. Sometimes the solution is way beyond “normal.”

6:02 — Jennifer S. Royal shares that magic is about altering reality. We all have a selective perspective. When we decide to buy a car, we start to notice this car everywhere.

7:29 — In magic there’s a concept called “dual reality” where you’re creating two different realities. One for the audience, and one for what’s really causing the illusion.

10:38 — Studying so much about magic, Jennifer learned a lot about psychology. She found a way to get way more value of her skills as an entertainer and performer, and that discovery gave her a deeper mission and purpose in life.

13:36 — When you’re in the flow performing, doing something that makes you so happy you forget time, forget to eat, then anything can happen. You must believe in something before you can convince anyone else to believe in it.

16:38 — Several wake-up calls helped Jennifer make the decision to become a professional magician. Losing her mom was a huge turning point in her life, and she reveals some never-before-shared details about the story.

18:41 — Starting magic at the age of 4, Jennifer always had a love for the circus. She always had a belief that it wasn’t possible to be a performer. Learning how to get a safe job, and building a stable career, she quickly realized she wasn’t living her purpose. Jennifer goes deeper in how she found her mission in life.

24:42 — Jennifer shares that she always tries her best to be in a positive mood towards people she meets. Speaking to the inner child, you’re able to brighten or enlighten the day of people. That’s special, and she shares how magic changes lives.

27:43 — Working on taking things to the next level, Jennifer shares how she’s planning on breaking through limitations of time and space. She spent a lot of time creating a way to change reality at her fingertips.

33:20 — The best advice Jennifer ever received was to never take advice from someone who isn’t in a place you want to be. Find a mentor who is in a place where you want to go.

35:27 — You already have a super power you can access right away. It’s your imagination. Your brain can’t tell the difference whether you believe in the imaginary or reality. That gives you tremendous power to alter your state of mind into one that empowers you.

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