032: Creating a Shift Within with Kathy Zehringer

Kathy Zehringer is an Empowerment Coach for her company A Shift Happens.  Kathy loves working with frustrated individuals who are tired of living someone else's version of success & are ready to SHIFT to create a vision that inspires them & a life that empowers them.  Kathy has walked this path firsthand by leaving the corporate world over 15 years ago & building a life that she truly loves.  Kathy also lives her passion for positive & empowering SHIFT in the Colorado Springs community through working with community-building groups such as Peak Startup, The Thrive Network, and the Organization of Westside Neighbors to inspire & empower agents of growth & change in our community.

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Three Key Points:

We are the creators of our reality. Since we use our beliefs and ego to look at the circumstances in life, we develop a perception. If you want to understand people, you must understand yourself. Or if you want to love people, you must show love and compassion for yourself.

Often, we are so good at figuring out what we don’t want in life, it’s time to start finding what we do want in lieu of that. It’s also important that we find what we really want in life, and not what other want in our lives.

If you dream big, and imagine your life as if you just turned 18, what would it look like? Ask yourself, “is this what I thought life would be?” Add to it, change it, make it better, whatever. The point is, start from within and do something about it.

Show Notes:

3:40 — Inspired to leave the corporate world, Kathy Zehringer started to connect deeper with herself and her purpose. This has led her down a “magical mystery tour” of her life.

6:31 — When we have an emotion that isn’t in alignment with who we see ourselves to be, you’ll give your unconscious mind ability not to suppress the emotions when you acknowledge and be self-aware of those emotions.

9:00 — Always wanting to excel at fitting in, Kathy thought she would feel acceptance. Like success would create a sense of peace and contentment. But this was just a never-ending-cycle, and she couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

10:21 — Small things made a huge difference in Kathy’s life. She got into gratitude journaling, and she started noticing everything that’s going right in her life.

12:32 —Helping people connect with an “Aha!” moment and supporting them in their passions and purpose in life, Kathy loves bringing people together in a positive way.

15:42 — Kathy reveals that many people she’s worked with can easily list things that they don’t want in their lives, but it’s difficult for them to start listing things they do want in life.

17:50 — Leaving the corporate world was a huge wake-up call for Kathy. Worried because she felt like her family couldn’t afford her to leave a 6-figure job, her husband replied, “your family can’t afford for you to stay.” That tipped the iceberg and convinced her to free herself.

23:12 — Winning her battle with breast cancer, Kathy learned a valuable lesson. There’s no “dress-rehearsal” to life. Go live life, and live life now.

25:54 — Participating fully in her community, Kathy loves to coach and change people’s lives. Working with entrepreneurs, she helps them be accountable with their dreams.

30:08 — Trusting herself, and connecting with others, Kathy is continuing to reach. Even at 60 years old, continue to reach.

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