033: Inspired Into Community with Getrude Matshe-Kanicki

Getrude Matshe-Kanicki is an inspirational speaker who has been described as a vibrant bundle of African energy whose zest and passion for life inspires everyone she meets.

She is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential, find their individual life purpose and finding individuals success.

This makes her an energetic, inspirational and enlightening speaker. Getrude has written several books and is now a writing coach for aspiring authors.

She is the founder and CEO of the Africa Alive Education Foundation, an organization that supports HIV orphans in Zimbabwe and she created Walk on the Wild Side Tours – a symbiotic tourism company that takes tourist to Zimbabwe to work with HIV and Aids orphans.

Getrude Matshe-Kanicki is the Global Curator and Founder of HerStory Circle, and HerStory Women’s Global Empowerment Conference

International guest speaker, celebrated author and Philanthropy Consultant, Rooney International Scholar, TEDx Speaker and Wellington, New Zealand Rotary Member, we introduce to you Getrude Matshe-Kanicki.

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Three Key Points:

We become more powerful when we join in community. Our being helps others in their being.

All of us are more similar than we are different. A person is only a person through other people. That’s a condition of being human. We are cells of the same organism, there’s no you, there’s no me, there’s only we.

Every one of us has the power to tap into intuition, the knowledge and guidance of God, the Universe, or our higher selves.

Show Notes:

3:33 — Getrude Matshe-Kanicki shares what HerStory is all about. Contributing to the Huffington Post, Getrude found a mishap that lead her to creating something amazing.

5:01 — Involved in a biking accident and now recovering from congestive heart failure, Getrude was extremely fortunate to still be alive. Especially after having another near-death experience shortly after the first accident.

13:17 — Outside of her community group, Getrude is curating a TV show, and magazine to help spread global togetherness for women, children, and homeless.

15:29 — Sharing that a lot of people sleepwalk through life and miss the magic, Getrude finds herself in amazing places that people could only imagine being in.

17:30 — A turn of event that originally devastated Getrude, later turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Nearly missing being a part of the 9/11 attacks in New York, a bureaucratic mistake was truly a Godsend.

20:00 — As a passionate thespian, Getrude played in several ethnic roles in extremely popular movies. Not to mention, she’s supplied roles in movies like Avatar and King Kong to many other African American actors/actresses.

24:36 — Tapping into intuition is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. And the stronger it gets, the more your use it.

25:30 — Revealing that everything you want is on the other side of fear, Getrude explains how to use that energy of fear in a positive way by transmuting it into something else.

27:04 — A heart-felt and touching story about how Getrude’s parents have played a major positive impact on her life. Her father taught a very simple, and important lesson on how anything you want can happen if you can see in big pictures.

31:36 — Opportunities and seeing possibilities opens doors to be able to create success. The world is rich in resources, but we as humans don’t manage using them properly.

33:00 — When you’re a foreigner to a country you can see the blind spots in culture. Some people would never think that certain things were even possible because we get wrapped up in local cultures.

36:49 — Keeping yourself from sharing your gifts with the world is a terrible mistake, because we are social creatures that like to share wisdom with each other to better our lives.

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