034: Sharing Your Essence with Mary Kramer

Mary Kramer is the co-founder of Imagine Miracles and the impetus behind the ImagineNation and the membership community ImagineNationMiracles.com. She shares a unique ability to see the true essence of you and then support you with various modalities to bring that essence to the world in a way that best serves you and others.

Just like her 23 years as a Realtor, Mary now provides her Essence clients expert counseling and guidance. She meets the needs of your needs with workshops, VIP days, closet and shopping exploration and vibrational energy work.

As my business partner and life partner, she has helped me find my purpose and make it a reality.

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Three Key Points:

Wake-up calls can come around in life in a full circle. Sometimes the most impactful moments in our lives turn out to be what our mission is.

Since humans are so powerful thinkers, it’s very easy for our thoughts to lower our energy and spirit. There are powerful tools to help us manage that in an incredible way.

Your clothing colors and proportions reflect your message and energy. Your message isn’t just your talk, it’s your branding. Even for something as simple as your logo, and which colors your choose.

Show Notes:

4:05 — Mary Kramer shares her journey and transformation with Imagine Miracles. Learning so much about herself and finding out who she is has helped others.

5:25 — Living out her purpose and mission, Mary dives into creating a community of people who can see themselves for who they really are. Helping amazing people look into their hearts to see the beauty of themselves.

6:39 — Looking back at her life and her gifts and talents, Mary was able to find out what her true abilities were. She’s realized that she’s more powerful that she had originally thought.

9:47 — Although she’s had many wake-up calls in her life, Mary reveals the one that had the most impact in her life. Having heart issues and an ultimatum of ill health has sparked interest for her to make some serious changes in her life.

14:00 — Sharing that many people need support in opening their hearts. Raising vibrations, Mary reveals some ways that people can get in control with improving energy.

15:56 — Mary shares that it’s not about being conscious about fashion. It’s about exploring who you are as an individual and expressing it through style.

18:22 — The greatest gift that Mary can give public speakers is to help them align with their message.

20:07 — Revealing some never-before-shared plans for her future and the business of Imagine Miracles. Her plan is to create heaven on Earth, but it starts with one person after another expressing who they really are.

21:30 — The best advice that Mary has ever received was to be true to herself and to listen. To be true to yourself means that before you react to anything, you pause (even for one second) and find ways to tune into your heart and hear what it has to say.

23:12 — We are all one, and we are all energy. As we work with our mental blocks and raise the vibration of our bodies and minds, we can more easily understand that we are all one, and we are all energy. Every day of our lives we are seeing ourselves in other people.

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