036: Awakening to the Miracle of the Real You with Vince Kramer

Mary and Vince Kramer are co-creators of Imagine Miracles and ImagineNation Miracles. Imagine Miracles was originally conceived in 2007 by Vince to help people create a life of Happiness, Health and Wealth in the personal growth field. Through personal growth of his own, he realized there was more to life, personal discovery and development than would be offered at the time. He tabled Imagine Miracles to discover himself. At the same time Mary started a small retreat center to bring like-minded people together to share and experience different modalities of spiritual growth. Mary and Vince were blessed to be re-introduced in 2007 by the same mutual friend who had introduced them ten years earlier. When they first met Vince recognized a very strong connection between the two of them and made a decision to keep his distance from Mary. They continued on with their separate lives until they both were divorcing in 2007. This reunion sparked a journey of awakening for both of them as individuals and as a couple. They knew immediately that they had a passion and mission to be leaders in communities bringing forth a new paradigm of thought and life. Like the phoenix, Imagine Miracles was rebirthed with a new vision and mission in 2013.

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Episode Resources:

One-on-one Coaching: www.imaginemiracles.com/iamready

Imagine Miracles Website: www.imaginemiracles.com

Three Key Points:

Your combination of gifts and talents are unique to you. There’re people in the world who need somebody like you, so that others in the world can be themselves.

Being stuck thinking about “who you used to be,” or “who you were when…” isn’t as empowering as instead thinking about who you are in this very moment and developing this person-in-the-now.

Whatever it is you want to do in life can be as simple as spending time with your family, or complex as bringing food to underprivileged countries, or to underprivileged children.

Show Notes:

1:55 — Vince Kramer starts us off by showing the power of your gifts and talents, and what they can bring to the world.

2:59 — Many people are living on autopilot and believe there isn’t much out there for them. We all have the birthright to experience ourselves to the fullest. A life we’re meant to live.

5:42 — The Miracle U is here to encourage you to find your path. We hope to help you get on that path and stay on a straighter path.

7:12 — We all have wakeup calls throughout our lives that get our attention and increase our awareness. Wakeup calls don’t have to be super complicated either, instead they can be very simple.

11:00 — You have information that the world needs. Some of us experience multiple crisis awakenings, where sometimes your wakeup calls are devastating or even near-death.

16:11 — Vince shares his reasoning for his wakeup calls, and his determination at helping you live a more meaningful life.

19:02 — Even the most successful and happiest people you’ve heard on this podcast would tell you that their journey isn’t over. By opening the door to find fulfillment and joy, people find that they have so much to give.

21:30 — Imagine Nation Miracles is a community that helps you propel forward. Bringing people together who understands that crisis and conscious wake up calls brings gifts and opportunities.

24:00 — It’s important to take in consideration your dreams, the big picture—and the small picture, your very next step.

25:22 — You deserve to find what you truly want. Because you’ll never feel “accomplished” or fully fulfilled if you’re attract what somebody else wants, or what somebody told you, you should want.

Imagine Miracles Resources:

1) Your Unique Purpose Formula: Vince's Five Step Process to Discover Your Purpose and Your Miracle Life.

2) C.R.E.A.T.E Model: Vince's Six Steps to Creating and Living the Life that You Desire.

3) Free Chapter: From Vince's Best-selling Book Sharing the Four Things You Don't Know Keeping You From Living a Miracle Life.