037: Changing All the Rules with Annette Comer

Annette Comer is Best-Selling Author, Founder of The World’s Greatest Women Academy and recipient of the coveted Woman of The Year award from the National Association of Professional Women.

Annette is Global Leadership Mentor, that teaches driven women how to become competent, generous and disciplined leaders of today and tomorrow.

Her no-nonsense approach is rich with knowledge from science-based research studies as well as her own playbook across a variety of businesses.  Her clients become better versions of themselves as they take their careers and businesses to the next level.

After 20 years in a variety of corporate management positions and having secured 2 patents, she left corporate America to put her skills full time toward being an entrepreneur.

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Three Key Points:

So many of us live by rules given to us by society and can mold a lot of our actions and beliefs.

Don’t let fear control your life. Remember to fear is biological, but it can hold you back from taking action.

Everything is energy. Realizing this gives us all the power to use it to our advantage.

Show Notes:

4:16 — Annette Comer shares her journey starting off in a man’s world for most of her career. Travelling the world and having many experiences in different cultures, Annette learned a lot of insights in how life looks different from other perspectives.

7:04 — Looking back, Annette realized that some of the worst times she’s had were some of her best times of her life because they prepared her for something else. Wanting to change the statistics of women in leadership and success, Annette shares her experience with living her divine intent.

9:27 — The engineer side of Annette makes her thorough with the clients she helps. Curiosity inspires her.

12:28 — Sharing that when difficult events happen to you, taking an attitude of “why is this happening to me, what do I have to learn from this?” will move you through those difficult times much easier and make you smarter and stronger.

14:01 — A wake up that completely frightened Annette and lead her to make some extremely important decisions in her life. Annette shares her experience more into detail.

17:39 — Digging into research of scientific studies, Annette can challenge her own beliefs and find valuable insights. She shares an example of how that gives her understanding of why a lot of things are happening.

18:59 — Everything around us is energy and Annette shares the power of being able to wrap your head around that.

21:17 — Sharing a tragic story of someone she knew and cared about, Annette reveals how this person was able to help her turn her life around in a miraculous 3 months.

25:45 — Asking for the combined energy and support from the ImagineNation, Annette wishes to get in touch with the right people that can make her progress to her mission more productive.

29:26 — Here Annette shares a couple of the best pieces of advice she’s ever received.

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