038: Wake Up Calls and You

Mary and Vince Kramer are co-creators of Imagine Miracles and ImagineNation Miracles. Imagine Miracles was originally conceived in 2007 by Vince to help people create a life of Happiness, Health and Wealth in the personal growth field. Through personal growth of his own, he realized there was more to life, personal discovery and development than would be offered at the time. He tabled Imagine Miracles to discover himself.

At the same time Mary started a small retreat center to bring like-minded people together to share and experience different modalities of spiritual growth. Mary and Vince were blessed to be re-introduced in 2007 by the same mutual friend who had introduced them ten years earlier. When they first met Vince recognized a very strong connection between the two of them and made a decision to keep his distance from Mary.

They continued on with their separate lives until they both were divorcing in 2007. This reunion sparked a journey of awakening for both of them as individuals and as a couple. They knew immediately that they had a passion and mission to be leaders in communities bringing forth a new paradigm of thought and life.

Like the phoenix, Imagine Miracles was rebirthed with a new vision and mission in 2013.

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Three Key Points:

We all have the power to choose how we react to our beliefs, thoughts, and the voices in our minds.

Many of us adopt unhealthy beliefs and coping mechanisms when we’re at a young age. These methods of coping can be destructive to our egos.

Negative feelings and emotions are low-vibrational energy, and positive ones are high-vibrational energy.

Show Notes:

5:19 — Vince Kramer shares that as the observer of your life, you’re truly the creator of your reality.

6:34 — Mary Kramer talks about what to do about your thoughts and voices in your head. Vince mentions that the “voices” in your head are really your personalities and sub-personalities.

7:36 — The voices in your head represent different parts of your ego and personality that help protect you and Vince shares a personal example of how this happens.

10:26 — “The observer” is that part of us that has the power to choose between the empowering and disempowering voices from our ego. The ego isn’t a bad thing, it’s what helps us create.

12:46 — Looking at circumstances from the point of view of the observer you can use free will to decide what your thoughts are going to be and decide how your thoughts and feelings come together.

13:17 — Sharing an experience of what it really means to stay “present,” Mary reveals how she was able to stay in the moment during a time she was feeling very angry.

18:42 — Most of our beliefs form before we were seven years old. Vince shares more about how our beliefs shape and mold our reality.

23:33 — When Vince was around five years old, he too developed unhealthy beliefs due to negative circumstances with his parents. He reveals more into detail about how he handled it.

26:56 — The observer is choosing a perception that is more conducive to you experiencing the emotions of happiness, joy, hopefulness, etc. In these emotions, that’s where you’re experiencing the higher vibrations.

28:00 — Vince touches on the topic of our higher selves, and the power of being able to tap into our higher selves.

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