041: From Personal to Universal Leadership with Mary Lou Kayser

Mary Lou Kayser assists people present themselves and their ideas to the world.

Her business, The Book Revolution dot com helps accomplished professionals who are ready to up-level their business or career with a high-quality nonfiction book.

Mary Lou is also the host of The Play Your Position Podcast which teaches listeners how to achieve leadership excellence in a complicated and fast-paced world.

She has two fantastic children and lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and two cats who all constantly compete for her attention.

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Three Key Points:

Everyone has something valuable to share that the world needs. The more you share of yourself, the bigger difference you can make in the world.

Remember our definition of miracle is: through an act of love, you’re sharing your gifts and talents with the world so others can share theirs.

Each of us is unlike anyone else in the world. We are all unique. It doesn’t mean you’re starting a business, or that you must write a book. It means sharing the real you with the world.

Show Notes:

3:31 — Mary Lou shares her professional background in formal education and seeing people achieve their dreams.

5:06 — A divine intent of being a guide for people on this earth, Mary guides people through their journey of finding themselves.

7:32 — Transitioning your thinking isn’t easy, Mary shares that educational systems are flawed now due to our modern society with the Internet.

10:08 — The toughest step for Mary to move forward with her passion was the fear of what others had to say about her.

12:15 — As the queen of wakeup-calls, Mary had several important life events that made her make some dramatic changes in her life. A near-death experience while river rafting humbled Mary Lou in a powerful lesson.

17:05 — When we’re young, we feel invincible. The universe had a mysterious and powerful way of keeping Mary Lou down to earth.

18:14 — Humility is a tremendous characteristic to have, because then you’re able to truly value what you have in the moment.

19:41 — Sharing her miracles with others, Mary reveals a story of how she has helped change people’s lives.

23:21 — Revealing some never-before-heard plans, Mary goes into detail about how she plans on sharing her gifts and talents with the world.

26:54 — Mary summarizes her first book and how it’s meant to help people achieve a personal brand. Taking this simple step forward, she opened so many doors to amazing opportunities.

31:34 — As her last piece of guidance for the ImagineNation, Mary shares her appreciation for everyone tuning in who is helping make a difference in their worlds. She believes we are all leaders—we are all leaders of ourselves.

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