043: Marketing Authenticity with Jim Hohl

Jim Hohl is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Thought Leaders Institute and The Thought Leader Agency (formerly known as Visify).

Their mission is to help experts and thought leaders deliver their message and monetize their expertise so that one hundred million people (or more) are empowered to maximize their potential.

Through their full-service, done-for-you marketing services, as well as coaching and training services, the two companies help coaches, consultants and trainers generate more leads, convert more clients and increase their revenue... so they can in turn help more people.

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Episode Resources:

Free Training: tli.to
Thought Leaders Institute: www.thoughtleadersinstitute.com
Thought Leaders Agency: www.thoughtleadersagency.com

Three Key Points:

When you start living your purpose and sharing your gifts and talents with the world in a way that you find passion, the abundance you want, desire, and need will come to you.

Look at the value you’re creating, rather than the time you’re putting in.

The world needs you to get into marketing to make a difference. If money and wealth comes along, that’s not necessarily a bad thing; however, being solely motivated by money won’t be in alignment with who you really are.

Show Notes:

3:05 — Jim Hohl shares what the Thought Leader Institute and Thought Leader Agency are all about. Launching a powerful rebranding from Visify to Thought Leader has shown to dramatically improve the focus and level of service provided to clients.

6:31 — Many people in marketing are leading their campaigns with unnecessary material objects, such has expensive cars, homes, etc. Jim shares his alternative strategy of being iconic in a positive and helpful way.

8:11 — Never being someone who got into marketing for the money, Jim shares more about where his true passion is to impact so many lives.

9:28 — Inspired by his dad, Jim took action in entrepreneurship. This wasn’t for the money; however, Jim was inspired by his father’s kindness towards others and saw the difference he could make in people’s lives. Jim tells more in this super emotional and heart-felt story.

11:15 — Get into business not to get paid but instead get into business to make a difference. It means a world of difference. Jim shares more in depth about what this perspective in marketing really means.

17:00 — The biggest wake-up call that Jim experienced was in his career of marketing. He was unhappy by the motivating factors behind most of business because it seemed very meaningless. Jim goes more into detail about how this helped form a passion for him.

19:28 — In terms of business owners, we really need to have our businesses aligned with who we really are. If you’re not aligned, eventually it’ll catch up with you, and Jim gives examples of how this all ties in together.

20:51 — Jim talks about how to get started and take the first step to bringing value to the world.

22:51 — In the future of marketing, Jim hopes to see it being more honest and transparent.

25:00 — As far as bringing transformation to people’s lives, you need to understand that what may seem obvious to you, isn’t so obvious to others. We often underestimate the value that we bring, and Jim shares more on this piece of advice.

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