045: Taking Action in Life with Klana Ludwig

Klana Ludwig is a High-Performance Leadership Coach, healer, bodyworker, speaker, author and co-author of 2 books.

After 30 years working in the corporate world, she moved to the Spanish island Ibiza to follow her curiosity and explore and discover her true purpose. With the help of her coaches and trainers she transformed herself from an unhappy, frustrated workhorse into a sensual woman who loves her real self and her life so much more.

As “The Magnificent Life Leader,” she guides both, women, men, and couples who feel empty, think they’ve lost their sparkle, miss deep intimacy, in a MAGNIFICENT LIFE with more ease, pleasure, harmonious relationships and amazing sex. With her main focus on unfulfilled women who need help letting go of sexual shame; learning to love themselves and to have more pleasure in their life.

She loves to help them feel confident in their own skin and have a fulfilled (sex) life.

She is passionate about this field because of her own struggles with not feeling sensual, sexy or feminine. Klana began her studies to learn more about how to overcome her own shame in connecting with men and how to have better sex.

Klana is on a mission to bringing the topic sexuality out of the taboo zone. She is convinced that if everybody lived the sexuality they need and want, there would be peace on earth.

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Three Key Points:

Wakeup calls don’t have to be tragic life events, they can be subtle and meant to move you in a different direction in your life. The more subtle wake-up calls we call Conscious Wakeups.

If you leave your home and travel to another country, you will learn totally different things. People are different, cultures are different, there are so many lessons in travelling the world.

Keep your vision in front of you, where do you want to go? Do you want to be and do something different, or do you want to stay exactly where you are? Leaving your comfort zone and safety net allows a person to grow and learn.

Show Notes:

4:05 — Klana Ludwig shares how she’s helping women, men, and couples have a more magnificent life than they’re currently having.

5:32 — Sharing her story of how she found and opened her sensuality in a way that gave her more freedom than ever before.

7:00 — Starting her journey off with a life coach, Klana prepared her and guided her with finding her true self.

8:21 — A wakeup call made Klana realize some crucial choices to change parts of her life. She goes more into detail about this story.

9:32 — Originally on a path of life-coaching and massage therapy, Klana realized what her true calling and mission in life were. She tells a funny story about how everything fell into place for her.

13:30 — Klana’s trip to Ibiza was extremely transformational for her. She shares her story of this powerful change in her life.

16:22 — Helping others share their gifts and talents by learning how to love themselves both mentally and physically, Klana tells us how to start with self-love to have a happy life.

17:39 — Sharing the biggest miracle that Klana has experienced in her life, she discovered more about herself after the age of 50 than ever before.

19:12 — Revealing some never-before-heard plans for the future, Klana is asking for your collective energy to help her reach more people in the world.

23:45 — The best advice that Klana received were instructions from her coach to travel to some incredible places. She tells us how this was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

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