048: The Gift in Following Your Knowing with Dana Pharant

Becoming a badass in life and business requires you to stand in your power and be super comfy with being unique! Dana Pharant knows ALL about standing out and being unique. Her personal brand of the Inner Dominatrix pushes people out of their comfort zone, challenges their preconceived notions and has them stepping into a fierce determination to rock their Bold, Sexy Fun-Filled Lives!

She has worked with clients to transform their lives for 27 years, been a CEO of a Million-dollar company, 2x award-winning speaker, international bestselling author of two books. She blends the best of the spiritual woo with the practical action strategy to creating incredible changes quickly.

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Three Key Points:

Everything that happens in our lives goes into us creating where we’re going next in the journey of our lives.

Our society is riddled with taboos or labels of what we should/can or shouldn’t/can’t do. This creates fear in people to go and explore themselves to make big transformations.

Taking the time to put your 5 senses into understanding what it is you want to attract, actually creates the energy inside of us to put out and attract it into our lives.

Show Notes:

4:09 — Doing business as an extreme sport, Dana Pharant shares how she helps people’s businesses grow with ease by first working on the inside.

5:59 — Dana reveals what started her in the dominatrix world. Experiencing sexual trauma, she had an inkling to explore kink, which turned out to be a really deep transformation and healing for her.

8:15 — Overcoming shame, Dana destroyed the limiting beliefs of taboo and realized we have a lot of limitations as a society.

10:12 — Addicted to personal growth, Dana started exploring what kink was all about and realized that it’s very related to therapy.

11:45 — Surrendering into our knowing, Dana prompted to learning dominatrix because she wanted other people to experience this deep level of healing.

13:00 — Starting out as a massage therapist, Dana realized she’s a bad employee, yet makes a powerful leader. People can only change and shift into the outcome they really need by experiencing pain or discomfort. Dana shares how she’s not afraid to inflict pain and put her clients in uncomfortable situations to help them grow.

16:21 — Living in the moment, Dana shares how she doesn’t have “a biggest miracle.” She shares how she’s experienced many wonderful miracles throughout her life but views it as an accumulation.

19:30 — It’s possible to be successful in life without a partner, however it makes it so much easier when you have a supportive partner on board with your mission. Every business goes through ups and downs, and it’s not all a bed of roses. When you have someone who’s there for you, then when you have your challenges, they’re there with the support you need instead of tearing your down.

29:02 — Working on her second book within her Inner Dominatrix series, Dana shares that she’s adding another layer of inner journey. She reveals more details about her next book.

31:31 — If people are ready to step into a business, you need to be willing to lose. When we embrace the energy of being willing to lose everything, then we don’t get caught up in the “oh my god, what if this doesn’t work” mindset.

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