049: The Music of You with Colin MacLeod

Elephants… Airplanes… and Mt. Everest What’s music got to do with it? Colin MacLeod, "The Celtic Fiddle Guru", is opening new windows to the potential of music in people’s lives. Colin is originally from Scotland and now travels the world engaging audiences through playing Celtic fiddle, telling stories, teaching and performing. Colin loves to from the heart as he shares his rich knowledge about the Celtic culture. Colin was a young lad when he started playing the violin in Scotland at the age of 7— thus beginning his musical journey that has so far covered five continents, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North America. Always willing to experience life first-hand, Colin’s personal philosophy is "you never know— unless you go." And, GO he has. Leaving his homeland in Scotland to establish a second home base in Melbourne, Australia he has sought out Scottish culture wherever his travels take him. While living abr oad at the time, Colin and friends co-founded the Scottish Music Festival in Resipole, Scotland. In 2017, Colin’s Celtic Fiddle Playing was taken to "new inspirational heights" by playing the violin in a plane at 33,000 feet over the peak of Mt. Everest in Asia. On the ground again, he was to be found serenading the elephants in the Sumatran jungle with a rendition of "Jungle Bells." Colin’s present focus is growing his international music business in the USA, where he inspires, educates and entertains for schools, colleges, businesses and social events.

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Three Key Points:

Sometimes, all it takes is just a brief moment to change everything.

If you find who you are, and you’re a combination of so much (past, heritage, magic), and if you’re in the flow with that then the creation of your life is almost effortless.

Once people find out what their calling or divine intent in life is, then they can start looking back and trace it to a knowing or understanding very early in their lives.

Show Notes:

3:27 — According to Colin MacLeod, life is 99% inspiration, and 1% perspiration. Sometimes it takes just one second that can change a sad face to a happy smile.

6:00 — All of his life, there’s always been a violin — an opportunity for Colin to connect with others. Colin shares how powerful the bonding and connection is between people.

9:06 — Immigrated to Australia, Colin explains how he experienced multiple different wake-up calls that lead him to his mission and divine intent.

11:00 — Colin explains his journey of how he got into music from being a CPA. He had to shift himself from his mind to his heart, and it made a huge impact on how he lives.

13:28 — Sharing a story about going to a Viking burial mine, Colin became inspired with Celtic music.

16:00 — Travelling and playing in front of audiences, Colin started inspiring others at the age of 14. Colin always plays music to inspire others.

21:05 — Colin blesses us with the serene sound of the fiddle by playing it for the entire ImagineNation.

21:53 — Having a chance to play in a Celtic music festival, Colin reveals that music is full of spontaneous energy. He goes into detail about a woman who joined in while he was playing by singing and dancing, and it hit him in a powerful way.

26:57 — Colin reveals some never-before-shared projects that are extremely deer to his heart. Launching an academy for Celtic fiddle.

31:08 — If you think you can, you can. Colin shares it’s important to have fun with what you do. He also goes more into detail about some powerful pieces of guidance and advice.

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