053: Finding the Real You with Tove Skarestad

Tove Lise Skarestad helps business leaders get unstuck, increase their charisma and helps them step up as leaders.

She combines marketing and sale strategies with deep inner transformational work to release the hidden obstacles that are preventing growth and expansion.

There are a lot of Blueprints and proven step-by-steps out there, but a lot of entrepreneurs are experiencing lack of implementation and procrastination.

Tove Lise teaches you how to make a change in the unconsciousness, so that implementation is easier.

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Three Key Points:

The biggest mistake people can make is looking outside to other people to determine what they want to do to make a difference in the world. By observing and mimicking what others are doing with their missions and divine intents, you’ll never be able to live out your own purpose.

What we’re truly vibrating in the law of attraction is our emotions. Being authentic with your emotions is critical for raising your vibrational energy.

Being in tuned with your emotions is important, because if you suppress or repress them then they became limitations or mental blocks in your life that stops you from achieving the things you want.

Show Notes:

5:15 — Learning a lot about marketing, Tove Skarestad shares how being stuck as an entrepreneur lead her to learn about our egos and how it’s there to protect us when we’re younger.

8:40 — Working with empowering people, and being the expert of personal power and charisma, Tove shares a story about a client who had a huge transformation in her life.

10:00 — Tove shares that gaining control of your emotions and controlling how you react to situations then you’re able to make a huge transformational shift in your life.

12:23 — Always knowing she was supposed to be teaching something important, Tove learned how to change the unconscious mind.

14:00 — Investing in herself, Tove discovered that when you change your inner world within your mind and environment, then your outer world changes as well.

16:24 — Vince and Tove share that when you suppress emotions into your body, that’s where a lot of disease can stem from. Emotions and mental health affect your physical health.

18:29 — When we are children, we’re all more open and receptive to learning new things. We’re like sponges at a young age, and we absorb knowledge without filters. At that age, we don’t know what’s right or wrong.

21:00 — Tove shares that the joy in life is during the present moment. Anxiety and stress come from worrying too much about the future or past.

27:02 — Travelling to the Netherlands, Tove has a dream to create a networking event in Norway that will combine the great minds of entrepreneurs.

28:42 — Tove shares a piece of guidance and wisdom about reaching your subconscious or unconscious mind. She explains how you can shift your perspective, change your emotions around different situations, and how to change the results in your life.

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