056: Empowered from the Inside with Krisha Young

Krisha is a champion for those that need to live life on their own terms. Through her bespoke coaching techniques, programs and speaking events, Krisha helps kick-ass, creative entrepreneurs and businesspeople tap into their inner mastery to be their most successful selves. She aids them in their quest to make a deep impact on the world and grow their businesses in their own way.

After a rocky start to life, through a lot of trial and error, Krisha was determined to discover her inner truth, essence and power and so has been on a journey towards self-empowerment, self-love and soul alignment. This in turn helped her create a business that not only supports her values of Freedom and Integrity, but who also helps to support business owners around the world do the same.

A mom to two boys, a lover of yoga, music and eating all the food, Krisha is a woman of the world and can be found with suitcase in hand, jetting off to different locations around the world sharing her message or just chilling with the locals.

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Three Key Points:

You uniquely bring something to the world that no one else brings. When you ask questions and you get the answers through experiences you have in your life, don’t hesitate to step beyond the fear and step into the unknown and live those answers. There are no mistakes or coincidences in your life.

If you’re not open and ready to receive, then your manifestation either won’t work, wont be as great, or will be something entirely different than what you actually want. Set standards for yourself and not settle for anything else than what you’re looking for.

As we work on surface fears and changing beliefs to ones that empower us, that doesn’t mean we’re not going to experience the fear while we move forward. We find a way to move beyond the fear and find compassion for ourselves.

Show Notes:

4:15 — Working with entrepreneurs ever since she started her business, Krisha Young shares a little more about herself. She helps businesspeople build a solid inner game. It’s not just about the numbers and strategy, it’s also about being tapped into our spirituality, purpose, and mission.

6:00 — When business owners are aligned deep with their own purpose or mission then they’re able to prevent most types of business failures.

8:00 — Masculine energy is extremely draining. The “go get it” or “push through it” attitude takes a lot of energy, and Krisha shares the missing link and alternative to using human design to call or attract what you want into your life.

12:52 — Because of trial and error, Krisha shares how she’s had so many wakeup-calls in her life. She goes into detail about how a wakeup call she had in the corporate world cause so much stress and pain in her life that it led her down the path that she’s currently on.

15:00 — Working in corporate her life, Krisha left that world to enter the unknown of entrepreneurship. She shares how it was the best thing ever and how she has learned so much by doing that.

17:45 — Sharing stories about her clients, Krisha reveals how she helps them discover what their ideal lives or days should look like. She helps clients realize what they’re limitations are and how to dispel them.

21:58 — Fear of failure, fear of inadequacy, fear of rejection, doubt, confusion, etc. may sound generic, but are all common limiting beliefs that prevent entrepreneurs from manifesting.

28:08 — Using the gifts of trial and error, Krisha found a way to help other people find their way to success. She’s very intuitive and able to help entrepreneurs find themselves on a deep level so they can share their genius and soul with their clients.

31:30 — When you start to embody and follow your purpose, that’s what’ll have a massive impact on the world. Krisha shares it’s not the thing you think you should be doing, but the thing you really should be doing. It’s the thing you’re here to do, and when you find out what that is then it’ll have a massive ripple effect on the world.

32:36 — Learn to love yourself. Krisha says that when you start to love yourself and your shadows then your purpose will start to ooze out of you.

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