069: Being in Service with Wendy Vaughan

Wendy Vaughan loves helping entrepreneurs make a big impact by helping them get great at talking with prospects and converting them into happy clients!  She is a career sales professional with 22 years of sales experience – which includes 16 as an entrepreneur and 6 years in corporate sales - she even felt her parenting role was 50% sales! Wendy’s music agency grew from an unknown to providing live music for over 800 weddings every year in the Phoenix Metro area. 

And later on, in the highly competitive corporate world, within one year she earned the rank of top-producer, generating the largest amount of annual GP year after year, from under a headset. She was known as the cold calling queen! 

But before stepping into the corporate role, Wendy was a homeschool teacher for seven years. And during this time she not only enjoyed life through the eyes of three highly active, adventure-seeking boys, but she also acquired teaching skills, honing the ability to present concepts in easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply ways. 

However, early in her professional career, Wendy was failing miserably – no wonder, really… she had courageously started her own business, but was a shy, socially awkward nerd coming from a failed career as a classical musician. But out of sheer survival needs, and because of her analytical brain, she made a powerful discovery that made selling easy, repeatable and predictable. 

Basically, Wendy cracked the code on exactly what needs to occur during sales conversations for qualified prospects to feel the confidence to say “yes” to what’s offered! 

And now her passion and true pleasure is helping others learn simple moves that make selling easy so they can get endless clients and make a bigger impact!

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Three Key Points:

There’s times throughout our lives where something we’ve worked so hard for slipped right out of our fingers. Could you imagine working your entire life toward something, but for some reason the anxiety that builds up prevents you from accomplishing your goal?

Aligning with yourself, aligning with your message, and aligning with your client are so critical for sales success. We often don’t realize that if we do a little inside work, it makes a huge difference on the outside.

Sometimes we need a mentor or a coach. Keeping us accountable, acting as a support or a bridge, and even asking the right questions. We all need guidance at times.

Show Notes:

5:18 - Being an entrepreneur, Wendy Vaughan knows first hand how exciting it is to launch your own business, yet how frustrating and depressing it can be finding clients.

8:58 - Wanting to become a professional musician, Wendy quickly found out that she wasn’t an expert at auditioning. However, being a musician allowed Wendy to have a natural ability to notice patterns in human behavior. 

12:00 - As a symphony musician, Wendy was able to use what she learned from music theory and apply it to cracking the code on sales.

13:30 - Sales is about meeting people’s needs and painting the bigger picture.Those same skills used to be a top sales person easily translates to being a top school teacher. She shares how she used her sales skills to teach kids.

16:15 - Several wakeup calls throughout her life led Wendy down to the current path and purpose that she is fulfilling now. Once as a musician that led her down the path of entrepreneurship, and the other while working as a corporate sales person.

18:30 - There was an interesting list of events in Wendy’s life that led her down to realizing her calling as a sales coach. From being a musician, to an entrepreneur, to a teacher, Wendy finds meaning in helping others through teaching them how to sell and how to grow their businesses.

20:55 - With a clear vision and mission in life to become a professional symphony musician, it was a complete shellshock for Wendy to have that dream destroyed. Not having the resources at the time, she decided she didn’t want to give up music. She went on a redirection of what brought her sense and joy into her life.

23:00 - The driving force for her is realizing the difference she’s making in someone else’s lives and with someone else’s dreams. She helps to be a strong support and inspiration for the people she touches.

24:50 - Sharing a success story of one of her clients, Wendy tells how the client had difficulty communicating with customers in ways that resonate with both parties involved. This was creating a lot of stress and self-sabotaging any sales efforts.

28:09 - With a parting piece of guidance, Wendy shares some advice for sales and growing marketing efforts. People need four psychological states of mind triggered before they’re able to say yes to your sales offer.

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