075: Expanding in Experience with Brandy Chase

Brandy’s passion is helping people move through the difficulties life throws us to find balance. She believes that we have choices and can grow into stronger people even through the hard times.

Through mentoring, owning her own business, raising a family, fighting cancer and overcoming a messy childhood, she has found a way to create positive change in all areas of her life and wants to share that with everyone. You will find Brandy is genuine and brings real life experiences into her coaching. She is an active listener and asks great questions to help identify the obstacles that are in your way.

Furthermore, she is then able to motivate and empower you to move through those obstacles and help you create a positive impact on your life.

Brandy is a graduate of Strayer University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. She has earned her Professional Certified Coaching certification at the Institute for Integrative Coach Training. She and her husband Bill live in Sahuarita, Arizona; they have three sons, two dogs and enjoy doing pretty much anything as long as they’re together.

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Three Key Points:

When you step into the unknown that’s full of possibilities, light, and love, it gives you an opportunity to move yourself and others into a higher vibration.

Looking at mirrors and projections in your life is so important. When you suppress emotional pain into your body, it manifests into physical diseases and disabilities.

The circumstances that show up in our lives are truly there to move us into who we really are. Circumstances appear to allow us to reveal and strengthen our gifts and talents.

Show Notes:

4:04 — As a mother of 3 boys and living as a hardcore entrepreneur, Brandy shares in a nutshell about herself.

5:06 — Serenity and equanimity creates serenimity and is about the calm through the chaos. Even when there’s chaos going on, it’s still possible to find peace within ourselves.

6:40 — The biggest wakeup call that stopped Brandy in her tracks was when she realized she was very controlling and that manifested over into her relationships with her loved ones. She shares how that was a destructive eye-opener for her.

8:20 — Using gratitude and love as a weapon of overcoming her limiting self-beliefs, Brandy came out of the storm stronger than ever.

11:00 — Being a hope to save her son’s life, Brandy ran straight into another wakeup call which manifested itself as cancer.

15:06 — Coaching and cancer has taught Brandy a lot about herself, her life, her relationships, and has made her mentally and physically stronger.

22:20 — Going through a period of not knowing, not trusting, and not surrendering, Brandy had to do more work and dig deeper in herself in order to heal and let go of her traumatic childhood.

24:06 — Her trials and tribulations have made Brandy who she is today, and she expresses her gratitude for all the pain and hurt that she has experienced and turned into strength, peace, and motivation.

28:00 — Brandy was able to get control and detach from the negative circumstances in her life. When she finally let go, a lot of weight was lifted off her shoulders.

32:41 — Negative shifts in relationships usually occurs from poor communication of energies. Brandy shares some experiences from people she’s helped.

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