077: Staying on Path with Tommy Breedlove

Tommy is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author of the book, Legendary, and Atlanta-based business, relationship, and mindset coach who is a regular featured keynote speaker at global events.

He started his 20-year corporate career at one of the largest financial consulting firms in the world, and eventually became a shareholder, the International Practice Leader, and a member of the board of directors for one of the largest public accounting and financial firms in the southeast U.S.

Tommy now serves clients and audiences everywhere by empowering them to build and live Legendary Lives. He guides people to discover a life of significance while building a lasting legacy.

The simple tools he shares shows us how to work in our zone of brilliance, obtain financial freedom, and live with meaning and balance. The goal is to help everybody to become the person they've always wanted to be.

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Three Key Points:

Many people think they’re stuck in their situation because of conditioning. The truth is, you can drastically change your life and switch things up faster and easier than you can ever imagine.

Usually the darkest times of your life helps light up paths to your purpose.

Pain likes pain. Miserable people like to keep you miserable and it’s important to consider who you keep in your circle.

Show Notes:

5:51 — Tommy used to be motivated by money and success, but he couldn’t figure out why nothing he accomplished or bought would make him happy.  He shares how he went on a path to build unconditional love for himself.

9:00 — Never intending to become more successful, Tommy experienced an incredible financial growth after becoming more connected spiritually and with himself.

12:41 — Being an underdog during his youth, Tommy inherited an enormous amount of empathy and compassion which sparked his gleaming charisma.

16:23 — When you start “climbing the mountain” of self-development, your perspective changes. Your words change, your beliefs, views, etc. all improve.

20:30 — A surprising amount of friends, family, and colleagues will try to hold you back from your self-improvement.

24:50 — Growing up with a significant amount of violence around his life, Tommy found himself in extreme circumstances. With media, press, and culture, it’s easy to be attracted to the dark side.

26:30 — As he continued to improve his life, Tommy was able to attract new people in his life that empowers him in his success with self-love, self-respect, and accountability.

28:00 — It’s about the tools you use, exercises you do, friends you surround yourself with, words you say, and thoughts you think. Surround yourself with spirituality you will have a spiritual life. However, if you surround yourself with temptation and addiction, then that is the outcome you will receive.

30:50 — The great athletes, CEOs, etc. all have coaches to help “sharpen their pencils” and help reveal their blind spots. Coaches keep you accountable and has wisdom to teach us.

34:25 — USA Today best seller Legendary by Tommy Breedlove is available on Amazon and other major places you get your books. Visit www.tommybreedlove.com/gifts for a free sample of his Legendary book.

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