079: Creating with Emotions with Danny Hadas

Danny Hadas is a # 1 bestselling business author, employee experience innovator, and adviser to the world’s most iconic brands. The topics he advises on? Chief among them, PEOPLE. Before age 30, Danny was leading $10 million dollar experience transformation projects and his work has impacted millions of people across 500+ companies worldwide, including Disney, BMW, and AT&T.

As the founder of The Emovation Project, Danny shares the transformative power of intentionally crafting experiences through the context of emotions. Emovation, a combination of the words emotions and innovation, is an inquiry requiring someone to ask, answer, and act on the following questions: How do you want people around you to feel when interacting with you? What will you do to have them feel that way?
These questions unlock the mystery of how to create a winning employee experience. Danny leads master classes all around the country, empowering people to innovate with emotions and transform their workplace culture.

When he’s not jet-setting around inspiring new Emovators, Danny can usually be found in Orlando, Florida, where he lives with his incredible partner. Together, they participate in and lead growth and development programs aimed to cause tremendous breakthroughs in people’s lives. Their partnership serves to redefine what’s possible for the world.

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Three Key Points:

What we receive in life is a direct reflection of what we put out in life. The energy or vibration we’re giving off attracts like vibrational energy. If you want the people in your life to have an emotional experience that powers them, you have to put out the same energy yourself.

Customer experience is provided by people. If your employees aren’t treated well, how could you possibly expect them to provide outstanding customer service?

Change and improvements in a company starts at the top. CEOs, managers, and leaders all need to change first before there can be change in a company. If you want to provide better customer service, you first have to learn how to treat your employees better.

Show Notes:

3:30 — Starting out in the business world, Danny Hadas worked with the top companies in the world to teach them how to provide the best customer service possible.

6:00 — A wakeup call occurred for Danny when he realized his true intentions. He learned that he wanted to leave a powerful experience for every customer he interacted with.

9:30 — Sharing his journey, Danny almost quit. His entire life became reframed on other people’s experiences, rather than focusing on himself.

12:00 — Almost as if a puzzle being fit together, Danny ended up in a position and career path that fulfills his purpose of providing powerful and positive experiences for others.

14:30 — Emovation was finally born, and Danny wrote a book about the concept. Now he’s the front man of a movement of how to get employees to perform and power the company’s profits.

17:30 — Danny does not work with leaders and CEOs who are concerned only in the company’s bottom line. Businesses who put the bottom line as a priority instead of making their employees their number one priority will fail 10 times out of 10.

19:30 — It’s easy to power up profits for your company. Danny shares how, by using your people, to build the company of your dreams.

22:30 — Projects involving customer service enhancements starts in leadership. The CEO, management, and leadership all need to be aligned and worked on first, before starting to make impactful change within the company.

25:00 — We get so focused on the experiences we are actually having in life, yet if we shift our intentions to elevating our experiences, then we’re able to provide better experiences for others. The experiences we have are a direct reflection of the experience we’re delivering.

29:30 — Start at the beginning. Find out how others feel when you interact with them. That’s the first step to providing stronger emotional experiences.

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