081: Combining Two Worlds with Dr. Manuel Astruc

Manuel is a Psychiatrist and a coach. After working for over 50,000 hours as a psychiatrist helping people change, he began to suffer from burnout.

ManueI was fortunate enough to fight his way out of his burnout. Along with with his psychiatric practice, he also coaches driven individuals to improve their mental fitness so they can turn stress into success and get from where they are to where they want to be.

He has been working as a psychiatrist for over 20 years, the last 15 years in his own private general psychiatry practice. Manuel currently also works with addiction as the medical director of Saratoga County Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services.

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Three Key Points:

Every circumstance in our lives gives us an opportunity to reflect on who and how we want to show up in this world by the decisions we make during those circumstances.

Coaches see the potential in you and can hold you accountable to that standard to help you achieve it.

We all have the ability to choose our actions, attitude, and mindset.

Show Notes:

3:10 — Starting out in psychiatry, Dr. Manuel Astruc had a wakeup call of burnout and realizing he wasn’t fulfilling his purpose. A major transformation created a spark to drive Dr. Astruc towards a path of happiness, peace, and fulfillment.

5:30 — Working with people suffering from addictions, Dr. Astruc shares issues he had in his personal life that helped him develop grace and made changes in his life along the way.

7:00 — As a psychiatrist, Dr. Astruc helps people who fall ill recover. Therapy is about following tears and the trail of pain. Some people get better, but others want more; that’s when he realized that coaching fills that need for those who need more out of therapy.

8:30 — Those suffering from overdose or drug abuse need to take the first step to face the demons of their past or childhood. They need to dig deep below the surface to discover who they really are.

12:30 — Now Dr. Astruc is helping entrepreneurs realize that their own beliefs, thoughts, and actions are holding them back from success.

15:30 — Dr. Astruc brings spirituality to his coaching because for many people it makes a huge difference in their lives. Due to the stigma around spirituality in the science world of psychiatry, he does not bring spirituality to his therapy because of the negative attention it could create from other doctors.

19:00 — Receiving no pushback or resistance from his colleagues for his coaching, Dr. Astruc was surprised to learn that people were interested in his methods. He thought he would be ridiculed, but instead he’s received a lot of acceptance and help from others.

21:00 — Compassion and understanding of other people’s mindsets is important, because you really don’t know what challenges and issues people are dealing with. But no one is alone, many people deal with issues and problems.

22:00 — The next steps for Dr. Astruc to take to fulfill his purpose is helping more people to help more people. Leadership is about inspiring others and implement positive change.

24:30 — Dr. Astruc decided to change his life and no matter what he needs to enjoy his life. Everything can be taken from a man, except for the ability to choose your attitude or mindset.

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