084: Creating Freedom with David Forsyth

David is a semi retire Real Estate Agent and futures trader. After a life long study of freedom, he started the Freedom Adventure Podcast. Teaching us to take control of your own freedom, pursue happiness and live your dream. The freedom adventure podcast is not about politics. It is about living your life the way you want to live it. You don’t need to convince any one else. Live your dream life now.

David shares if you hold your breath waiting for some politician to set you free, they are going to call you Mr. Blue. He encourages us to take control of your own Freedom, pursue happiness and live your dream.

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Three Key Points:

Freedom is important because moving beyond the fears allow us to share how we really are — share our true selves. The fear of are we good enough, am I lovable, am I looking good in front of others, but freedom can really be obtained as an individual defined opportunity.

Sometimes we have callings that force us to step out of what we would normally do. These experiences give us many lessons to learn from.

We are in pursuit of the feeling we are looking for. Once you’re in alignment of who you are and what you’re feeling, the outcome comes automatically. It’s not the object on the outside that brings happiness, it’s the feeling on the inside that when it’s aligned, you’re able to accomplish what you’re looking for.

Show Notes:

3:25 — Freedom is an individual thing; we all have our personal preferences and phobias. David Forsyth shares how there’s guidelines, but there’s a certain method to actually overcome your fears.

4:30 — Freedom is doing what you want, where you want, when you want, and with whom you want. The greatest benefit of overcoming your dreams is you create a life that you want to live.

5:15 — David Forsyth shares what freedom looks like to him, and how he’s currently living the life of his dreams.

6:15 — Some countries are developing freedom slower. We need to take time for our families, and not keep up with the Jones’. You can only win the rat race when you stop racing.

8:13 — America has the Bill of Rights that grants us certain freedoms like the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, right to bear arms, etc. It’s not enforced as it should be, but other countries do not have that.

9:18 — With the first wakeup call of Alzheimer’s in a loved one, David took some time off and went on vacation out of the country.

10:44 — We can all benefit from different cultures and having the opportunity to travel and see how society works in different countries.

15:20 — Most people are afraid of failure, and that’s a lack of confidence. They need to realize that failure is inevitable, but it’s about overcoming the failure enough times until you succeed. Like the first few times you fell of the bike, you eventually learned to stay on it.

16:36 — Governments best weapon is to focus on inciting fear. For example, we’re in a lockdown right now, and governments work on fearing citizens out of freedoms to put themselves in power and control.

22:16 — Sharing the best piece of advice that David has ever received, he shares how there’s nothing really holding him back from being free. He goes on to share that the golden rule is critical: treat others how you want to be treated.

25:48 — Overcome fear, you can’t just ignore and avoid it. What’s holding you back from pursuing your dreams, build the confidence to overcome your fears.

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