086: Living from the Heart with John Jenkins

John is a third generation San Diego native, and has been a financial professional since 1982.

He can talk about almost any financial topic, especially financial planning/services. To John, the purpose of financial planning is to be able to live your passions. Wealth for wealth's sake is unsatisfying. Wealth for the purpose of funding life's experiences - priceless!

He has been a guest on the PBS show “The Money Makers” and its successor, “The Financial Advisors,” as well as the syndicated news magazine show “Heartbeat of the City.” He has also authored and co-authored several books and publications.

John has three primary passions in life: financial services, cycling, and playing guitar. John is the proud father of four children and a grandfather to seven granddaughters and one grandson.

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Three Key Points:

We all have wakeup calls in our lives. Sometimes the wakeup calls are gentle, but they may preclude something catastrophic. As you listen to the promptings of your wakeup calls, they’re taking you to a life you’re meant to live.

Catastrophic moments in our lives give us a new perspective on what’s important, and who’s valuable in our lives.

Your story of your wakeup call can inspire and motivate others to change their lives. You might be surprised to find out that your story could actually save someone’s life.

Show Notes:

3:30 — John Jenkins starts our podcast with a more in-depth bio about himself. He shares how he loves educating, and teaching. He also shares how he’s dealing with a wide range of interests and concerns due to the pandemic and corona virus.

6:48 — Ended up having 5 heart bypass surgeries, John shocked even his doctors with the initial tests performed. However, John never gave up his passion for exercise. Cycling literally saves his life.

13:30 — Sharing his touching medical story with his clients, he’s able to inspire and motivate people in tremendous ways. His brother had passed from a massive heart attack, since John’s heart issues were hereditary.

15:00 — There were several lessons that John learned from his experience. The number one lesson was to listen to his intuition. Secondly, there’s no payoff for regret. Nothing gets improved in life from reinforcing regret.

19:00 — Because of his story, John has persuaded people to get the heart CT scan, and has helped over 20 people who discovered they had something wrong.

21:30 — The people who you care about, mean more to you than you really think. Also, those that irritate you are people who don’t really matter. An event like what John experienced can give you a huge perspective on what’s really important in your life.

23:00 — When everything happened to John, he realized that there were so many people in his life that loved and cared about him. People were praying, and right by his side while he went through his bypass surgeries.

25:00 — Now with a renewed sense of perspective on life, John’s able to appreciate the celebrations in his life a lot more.

29:38 — Sharing one last piece of parting guidance, John reveals that if you’re income is compromised, look at your budget on a needs vs. wants perspective. Cut expenses, then cut them again. Then go to your lenders, because they will give you a reprieve due to the pandemic.

31:10 — The only economy that matters is the economy at home. We are clearly in a recession, it’s impossible for this many people to be out of a job without one.

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