089: Sharing Your Worth with Jennifer Diepstraten

Jennifer is the founder and CEO of High Ticket Sales Success. She teaches the most successful coaches, consultants and niche service-providers how to get paid top-dollar for their expertise.

She’s sold over $14 million in products in ten years working for world-leading multi-million and multi-billion-dollar biotech companies, and coached for one of the largest personal development companies in the world.

Today, Jennifer is recognized as an inspiring coach and spirited trainer who helps her clients raise their fees, craft and convert high ticket offers, and make sales with ease, confidence and unprecedented success.

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Three Key Points:

So many people have low self-esteem and low self-worth. They believe that others are gifted while they haven’t. However, each of us have a gift and your worth is well beyond what you can imagine. So many people believe they’re not good enough, or they’re not lovable. Understanding that your worth is important to the world will not only save yourself, but it could help so many others as well.

The trick to high ticket sales is belief. You have to believe in what you’re selling, believe in yourself, and believe in the idea. It’s impossible to succeed without that. No alignment = no sales.

What we don’t realize is that from what you’re providing to others through support is more important than the idea of needing to drastically change the world. The power of transforming even one person’s life will multiply exponentially when you share your gifts and talents with the world.

Show Notes:

3:40 — With the love of people, Jennifer Diepstraten shares how she works with people who have a vision that they want to turn into a business. They have a very unique perspective on how to use their gifts and talents to help others.

5:20 — In biotech and medical diagnostics sales, she realized that she was meant to do more. Being able to be there for someone as a space of possibility and trust, she discovered that she has a gift of helping others.

7:35 — Having a partner while working her corporate job, she started her own company that failed. Having a fog over her head and clearing up her cluelessness, she was able to turn herself around and get the much-needed footing she was after.

10:00 — Ignoring all the red flags during her business failures, she truly believed that she wanted to be in partnership with someone. Wanting it so badly made her oblivious to what was actually happening.

12:30 — Authenticity and honesty is critical in partnerships. If you’re concerned about something, say it. Voice your concerns, and if they can’t understand it or acknowledge it, do not continue business with them.

14:35 — Your business can only grow as fast as you do. If you start your own business, you’re the champion of your own business. All businesses are simply ideas.

18:37 — If you have a gift you should share it with the world. Also, if you want to give it away, go ahead. But that’s a copout, because if you’re wanting to share your gift with someone and get paid, you bump up your own self-worth, beliefs of abundance, and you can’t help anyone if you go out of business. Businesses only succeed with sales.

21:20 — High ticket sales actually attracts more committed customers, and clients who benefit more from the product or service when the price is higher.

24:00 — Having so many success stories from her clients that she’s helped, Jennifer shares one of her most memorable success stories. Using Jennifer’s unique process of being internally aligned and externally articulate. She was able to shift not only her client, but her client’s business as well. Tripling her business revenue in only one year, Jennifer shares how it’s possible to make transformations in your business by first transforming yourself.

26:46 — Focus on one person that you’ve helped. Even if they hadn’t paid you, still look at the situation and discover how exactly you’ve helped them and write down the benefits.

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