090: The Best You with Michelle Bonahoom

Whether teaching entrepreneurship, value growth, personal transformation or leadership, Michelle is passionate about using her expertise to partner with emerging leaders to add value and momentum to their dreams and vision.

As the founder of VisionOne, Michelle is passionate about working with mid-market business owners to increase their value, in preparation for sale, strategic acquisitions, and transferring to the next generation of leadership. She has worked with over 100 different companies, as they prepare for key critical transitions. Over the past 20 years, Michelle has accumulated diverse experience as a business owner, private investor, consultant, and advocate for mid-market companies who are seeking to stabilize, achieve added value, achieve high performance results, and leave a legacy for the next generation.

Michelle has a BS in International Business, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Private Equity, and has earned an integrated set of value growth certifications in mergers & acquisitions, strategic development and execution, performance management, and positive and organizational psychology. This broad set of experience and credentials has proven to be critical, when working with business owners to successfully turn-around, grow and transition their businesses.

Michelle is passionate about giving back. She invests in her community through non-profit board service and through teaching leadership, entrepreneurship, and self-discovery through her church and as an adjunct professor for several community colleges. Michelle is also a local chapter leader of the Association of Merger & Acquisition Advisors. She loves to spend her free time with her family, reading and dreaming, and advocating for emerging leaders.

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Three Key Points:

No matter what you do in life, when you bring the best version of you to it, you have a way of making it your own and bringing the essence of you to it. Whether that’s your job, family, hobbies, etc. it allows you to build a stronger union of everyone involved because you’re using your authenticity.

When thinking about legacy, the best time to start on it is yesterday. From day one the business owner needs to discover what their core values, mission, and purpose is. That will transition into the business while the business owner discovers what the company’s core values, dream, and impact are.

Most business owners and execs do not understand what company missions and values are really about. It’s not enough to have a mission plastered on the wall, the company needs to actually define it, understand the dream, live and breathe the purpose and impact they’re trying to leave. Now more than ever, customers are seeing through company’s false narratives of being “for the people” because those company’s never truly defined what “for the people” actually means.

Show Notes:

3:25 — With a mission to help people become the best versions of themselves so that they can help others, Michelle Bonahoom is helping to add value to businesses.

4:30 — Being in consulting for more than 15 years, Michelle had a tragic wakeup call of her husband passing with an undiagnosed heart disease. That made her realize that she needed to practice what she preached, so she used the same tools she used with business owners on her own life.

7:30 — A change model she uses for businesses can be applied to personal lives as well. Michelle shares the first step of the model is to build your solid foundation. Having a trusted advisor that recommended her to start journaling, she reflected on her diary to realize that her life isn’t over. She needed to learn how to be a role model for her kids.

9:37 — As business owners, we bring ourselves to the business. If we can’t be ourselves, then we attract a business environment where others can’t be themselves as well. This can be detrimental to a business’s growth.

11:38 — Business owners get into business because they have a heart. Sometimes what they think success looks like doesn’t align with who the owner really is. They’re in the wrong business, or they aren’t truly aligned with their mission.

13:30 — You have the control to define your mission. So many business owners set their mission as “put people first,” but they’ve never actually spent the time to define what that really means. Now in the time of riots and pandemic, customers see through the false narrative of “putting people first” and the company ultimately fails.

15:45 — Michelle’s change model consists of 7 different steps for change which needs to be applied to anyone the company hires, all the staff, and even executives. When you’re hiring you need to find the right characteristics, otherwise your mission cannot be lived and there will be virtually no positive company culture.

18:25 — People never think that their life changes. The most successful businesses in the marketplace are always thinking about legacy, even from day one when the business opens. The heartbeat of the business is legacy and the impact that you want to leave.

20:15 — The best way to bring your mission alive is to share between the first and second generation of staff the mission, dreams, and core values of impact and legacy.

26:30 — Know your strengths well enough so that you can serve through your strengths. Know your weaknesses well enough so that you can humbly accept help in those areas. Finally, run after whatever it is you have in your heart.

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