091: Love and Truth with Carrie Sechel

Carrie Sechel is on a mission to help female breadwinners have fulfilling, authentic careers AND thriving lives of joy, connection, and love. There are more women stepping into the breadwinner role every day, which is fantastic, however, being a female breadwinner and having a stay at home dad/supportive husband in a second career role doesn’t work the same as in male breadwinner families.

Carrie found this out firsthand. After years of building her career as a partner at Deloitte, Carrie’s family was broken by guilt, shame, resentment, and addiction. The statistics show that this is not just Carrie’s experience - the divorce and infidelity rates are higher in female breadwinner marriages than in other marriages.

Carrie and her husband Todd came together, and are stronger now than they ever could have imagined. Carrie and Todd believe that female breadwinner families not only can repair, but have an immense opportunity to create families that are authentic, connected, and full of joy.

Women continue to lead powerfully in all areas of our world - business, government, law, education, technology, and medicine - to name just a few. But for us to stand fully in our power, we MUST create thriving families and lives too!

Carrie does her work through coaching, speaking, and training. Carrie has an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Kent State University, a Juris Doctor from The University of Akron School of Law, and a Master Degree in Tax from The University of Akron.

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Three Key Points:

Many of us are living life by the rules we believe we’re supposed to live by. But there’s opportunity after opportunity that proves we might be following rules that don’t align with us. If you step through the doors of those opportunities, you’re able to set your own rules and live the life you’re truly meant to live.

People who love us give us advice on how our lives should look like. What they don’t realize is that their advice is actually what they believe their lives should look like. They mean well and are trying to help, but someone else’s idea of what life should look like is totally different than what your idea of what life should look like.

If you’re truly conscious of the love you share to others, you will attract love back into your life in profound ways. Not only do you need to bring love to others, but it’s equally important to love yourself.

Show Notes:

3:17 — Carrie Sechel always had the feeling that she was supposed to do something critical in her life. That magic she had meant having an incredibly successful career, but she quickly lost her magic. The journey of getting back to her soul and to the core of who she really is was intense, and she shares her journey with us.

7:03 — New Years Eve of 2014, Carrie had an incredible wakeup call where a vacation didn’t go anywhere near as good as they had hoped. With a sick child, flight delays and cancellations, and even room transfers, Carrie realized that the life she had accomplished wasn’t really her dream or her magic.

9:20 — Working so hard and for so long to achieve the level of success that Carrie had, yet realizing that she wasn’t fulfilled or wanted any of it made her frustrated and angry afterward. She had given up so much and had put everything into her life to get where she was. How was she supposed to start over? She shares her story into detail for us.

13:09 — Motivated by two main factors to change her life, Carrie knew in her heart that her family was falling apart, but everything on the surface seemed fine. She didn’t have the relationship with her son or her husband that she wanted, or they deserved. Secondly, she realized that there was something more. She had the spark in her heart to change, but she didn’t understand what any of it meant at the time.

16:23 — Starting in business consulting, Carrie felt like it was only the first step. It was too easy for her, and a huge transformation took commitment of her entire family to recover from addiction, trauma, and tragedy.

18:20 — Her husband was the one who came to terms with the reality of the life they were living. Neither Carrie, nor her husband, were living the life they deserved and that led to feelings of self-worthlessness. Because of her husband’s bravery of coming forward, they were able to work on repairing their lives from their challenges.

20:30 — Because of the impact that Carrie and her husband has made in their lives and family, she had a calling from many people to get into the field of helping relationships where there’s a female breadwinner.

22:30 — Stepping into her authenticity has been a lifelong process for Carrie. Listening to the Universe, listening to God, and searching for guidance, she had plenty of questions. Carrie shares what her questions were, the answers she got, and her journey of stepping into the real her.

24:45 — One of the most beautiful gifts that Carrie received was the amazing people she connected with. She was more fearful of losing her life, family, and loved ones than she was afraid of losing her career and money. That made her realize that she needed to bring love and truth to everything that she does. Bringing it to her relationships has strengthened her relationships tremendously.

29:15 — You can bring love and truth into your life by smiling. It may sound elementary, but it really does work. It brings a conscious reminder of love to everything you do.

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