094: From Doing to Being with Andrea Freeman

Andrea started her first business when she was 12 years old. Three businesses and a lot of learning later, she was hosting red carpet celebrities in her event planning business. But she felt unfulfilled. She said to herself, "There has to be a better way!" That pivotal moment prompted a soulful search.

Today Andrea is a mindful business coach working with creative entrepreneurs to help them align with their unique purpose and their intuition, so they can more easily grow a successful, impactful, and profitable business.

She is also an engaging and insightful speaker who draws on her experience as both an entrepreneur and a mindful business coach to deliver programs based on her groundbreaking coaching methodology.

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Three Key Points:

Give yourself the opportunity to raise your awareness and understand what’s in our conscious and subconscious minds. By doing so you can move beyond “just doing” in our lives, to being present in our lives.

Many people live their lives in a very scripted way by falling back on the safety net of what others have already done. We get very used to suppressing insights and “ah-ha” moments in our lives. Often times that leads people down a path of burning themselves out and it completely rips the passion and purpose out of their lives.

Have a daily ritual where you put your mindset into alignment with your purpose. Allow yourself to evolve your mind daily, whether that’s meditation, affirmations, journaling, or whatever you personally feel helps you align your energy to your passion.

Show Notes:

4:15 — Andrea Freeman starts our podcast by sharing her beginnings in event planning and personal development work. She then reveals how her path led her to work with high-level celebrity clients.

5:45 — Event planning wasn’t something that Andrea felt like she wanted to do at a young age. Having an amazing opportunity to help others with special needs in Kansas City, that led her to the position of becoming a public-school teacher. Eventually she started a business utilizing her skills, gifts, and talents.

8:00 — With a unique combination of talents she’s acquired throughout her life, Andrea shares how she moved from being a public-school teacher, to delving deep into her client’s lives to provide event planning.

9:30 — There were tremendous gifts that Andrea received during her time of being an event planner. Through her time taking leadership summit courses, she realized that the transformational aspect she saw in other people’s lives ignited a spark in her to change other people’s lives through the same transformational energy.

11:00 — She found an easy way to help people bash through the overwhelming parts of their lives and transform above and beyond their mundane lives.

11:40 — Even though teaching wasn’t what she ultimately had the inspiration to do, Andrea was able to learn and receive some gifts along the way.  She was able to open her heart and recognize how much creativity she needed. It gave her the power to say no and walk away from doing something she doesn’t love doing.

16:00 — Moving away from the social safety net of the middle-class, and into the entrepreneurial world, Andrea received a lot of pushback from those around her. However, through the noise, she was able to find little golden nuggets that helped her skyrocket herself into her passion and purpose — Andrea shares into detail how exactly that came about.

19:30 — We all have a unique purpose. We arrive here with it, but we all need to discover what that is. See if what you’re doing and if your habits align with your unique purpose, instead of doing things that someone else thinks you should do.

22:45 — A bold purpose of creating inspiration and connection for others, Andrea has used that to evolve her business. She was offering curated events that was grounded in connection and passion.

26:45 — We have a chance to allow our personal evolution to impact our business evolution. Our businesses are only as evolved as our mindsets are.

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