097: Sharing Your Story with Blair Nichols

Blair Bryant Nichols is the Director of Stages for Advance Your Reach. He oversees the Stage Agency, connecting entrepreneurs and business owners with stages that will grow their business, and manages its community of meeting planners. After beginning his career representing hundreds of authors from Top 6 publishers, he moved into the management of founders, entrepreneurs, executives, authors, and celebrities, with various work streams, projects, and personal interests, acting as a Chief of Staff, manager, or agent. He has a deep expertise in developing speakers for corporate events, conferences, and other thought leadership opportunities, including internal and external communications.

As a manager, coach, and consultant he enjoys helping diverse individuals and/or socially driven companies foster new strategies for operations, communications, business development and partnerships across all appropriate areas to further develop and enhance their bottom line and brand. He earned his M.B.A from UCLA-Anderson with a specialization in Entertainment Management and a B.A. in Literature from American University.

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Three Key Points:

You might not believe that you have a message. But there’s thing that are important to you in your life. There’s things you know that you’re meant to share, and you’re here to make a difference and live the life you’re meant to live.

Speaking isn’t a job. It’s important to speak in a way that serves your mission and purpose in life. The people who are the most successful have a great signature talk, their story, and how to connect with the audience so it resonates emotionally with others.

There isn’t a better time to start working on your life, with your passions and purpose, than right now. Start today. Even in the crazy year of 2020, there are so many opportunities available to get in front of and reach so many people.

Show Notes:

3:30 — Spending his entire life in public speaking, Blair Nichols shares his start at a publishing house. Eventually he advanced his career with working with celebrities. He learned that speaking was more than just making a paycheck.

5:30 — Trying to dabble into other passions he wanted to pursue, the divine calling for the speaking industry was too strong for Blair, and he always found himself back in public speaking. He shares more details about his career in the speaking industry.

8:45 — Sharing a very interesting story of how the doors opened for Blair in propelling his career in the speaking industry, he discovered the world of publishing.

11:00 — At only 24, Blair’s confidence and experience has allowed him to make connections and work for some of the biggest named publishing companies in the country. He was able to pick talent, and he learned how to pick the diamonds from the rough.

13:00 — Eventually being burned out by the work he was doing, Blair realized that he had the potential to do more and help more people. That’s when he decided to move from New York to California to obtain an education to further his career.

17:30 — During his time working for “Big Speak,” Blair noticed that there needed to be a bigger diversity of public speakers in the marketplace. That is one of the missions he sets out to accomplish with his company.

19:30 — Blair shares how he helps his clients in any ways to become successful and shares his details and methods for us to learn from.

25:00 — For someone who’s in the middle of getting started, Blair shares that it’s important to build assets. Even if you’re not getting paid, start collecting customer or valuable assets. Whether that’s building an email list or making a sale.

27:30 — Everyone’s got a message. You can find a coach to help you discover what your personal message is about. What do you care about? What are your values? How can you align your gifts and talents to best serve that?

29:40 — There’s never been a better time to start, than today. Start with family and friends, post on social media, go live online, Zoom calls, etc. Maybe volunteer, etc. Even if you don’t get paid, the more you expose yourself, the more people will refer you and request for you to speak.

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