098: Self Sustainability with David Vletas

David R. Vletas is the CEO of The Costa Rica Wellness Institute, a global consulting firm that designs and implements initiatives to elevate individuals, families and corporate performance. It is in our satisfaction and an overall mindfulness for life where we connect to our optimal aptitudes for contribution. Vletas has worked with over two thousand people since 1992 mentoring and coaching them to produce transformational results for themselves, their families and their corporate activities. Our sustainable future, and one focused on renewable resources are increasingly important for the planet.

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Three Key Points:

The two emotions love and fear are part of a single energy stream with different vibrations. Self-love is the only calming force that moves us fully into who are. When we experience who we really are, then we’re most effective to share that power to affect the world.

Self-love and self-sustainability is an inside job. When you bring the inside to your outside, that’s where the peace comes from.

Love others as much as you love yourself.

Show Notes:

4:30 — David Vletas shares his experience as a scientist and coach, by working with big oil companies, and how that gave him the background for his career.

6:30 — Sharing his divine intent, David Vletas shares that he’s set out to teach foundations that allow people to become self-sustainable, and promote self-love.

8:00 — Culture is different everywhere. The difference between Costa Rica and the USA is that their culture is more about self-love, family, and caring.

12:30 — Individuals experiencing chronic discomfort or pains are not in alignment with themselves, and that ties into many factors. David shares more details about how to align yourself with self-love.

15:00 — Many people who are living in stressful situations also live in the illusion that it’s not that bad and they can handle it. However, the reality is that if they want change, they need to act on change today. Not tomorrow, not the next day – but today.

16:40 — Diving into practical scenarios of how to apply self-love and sustainability into your life, David shares specific examples of how that works and how an immersion event in Costa Rica with his program would lead to a better outcome.

22:24 — Become a sustainable you. When you give yourself permission to love yourself deeply, you’ll embrace yourself and emanate your true power of your gifts and talents.

23:30 — When you find your inner peace and calmness, then even in the most uncertain times in life, you give yourself a sense of trust and openness, and make yourself safe to be vulnerable.

25:30 — Sharing his last piece of guidance for the ImagineNation, David shares that you should enjoy every moment and be super kind to yourself.

26:00 — Check out David Vletas website for a free PDF and more juicy content.

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