099: Break Free with Caryl Westmore

CARYL WESTMORE has a calling to help Coaches, Soulpreneurs and Therapists to share their story and healing message in a book - via her Write the Book Inside You Program and Podcast.

A multi-published author, former journalist and acclaimed energy psychology expert, she is known as the You Can Break Free Fast EFT Tapping Goal Success and Book Coach. Her superpower is healing her clients’ past “goal traumas” – and connecting them with their Wise and Wonderful Future Self.

Caryl Westmore was born in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), went to University in South Africa where she graduated with English Honours before working as a photo- journalist and editor on newspapers and magazines for many years.

After a mid-life crisis involving losing her dog and home in a fire – followed by divorce after 25 years, Caryl was catapulted on a spiritually awakening journey. She  trained as a Spiritual Intuitive Coach and Journey Therapist using Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques. For the past 20 years, she has worked mainly online with a dream “laptop lifestyle” between Cape Town and the Isle of Wight, UK.

Her Amazon books can be seen here: https://amzn.to/3bOFugC

She married her Soul Mate Nick 13 years ago and they are still calling themselves the “Baby Boomer Honeymooners”. She has 2 grown children and a grandson.

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Three Key Points:

We all have a story inside of us. What we’ve accomplished, overcome, experienced, etc. However, we need to share that story because we want people to know who we truly are.

You may have a chain of negative experiences that put you in a spiraling-down state of mind. When you’re stuck in harmful mindset, then you’re unable to complete your missions or live your purpose.

EFT is a combination of therapies that help people achieve emotional freedom.

Show Notes:

3:15 — After a devasting fire that made her lose everything, Caryl Westmore a spirit showed her a way to make a difference and make good money doing it. A lot of healing and forgiveness was needed in Africa.

5:30 — Forgiveness, and climbing up the layers of feeling, Caryl shares that was the key to unlock her happiness and allow her to break free.

7:30 — When she was working as a journalist on stories about rape, and murder. She learned that thoughts were important, and she could connect to a better mindset through transformative meditations.

10:30 — A huge and tragic wakeup call lead her to learn forgiveness. She went into detail about how that affected her life and how she was able to overcome it.

13:00 — She was asking herself why she was getting stuck in bad situations, and why she couldn’t break free. But once she unlocked that power, she wanted to share with others around the world who may have experienced the same trauma she experienced.

16:00 — Situations that would stress Caryl out, she learned techniques to overcome those feelings. She created the E + E + E = 3. Energy, emotions, and empowered thinking.

19:00 — Sharing a transformational experience one of her clients had, Caryl reveals how it helped her client achieve their dreams.

22:00 — Realizing that if you want to achieve your dreams — you’re bound to run into obstacles she calls “blockages” and acquiring the skills necessary to effectively accomplish your goals.

28:00 — EFT can release yourself from being stuck in your past faults. It can free yourself so you can embed better beliefs that bring you further along your path to your divine intent.

31:00 — If you plan on writing a book, Caryl shares one piece of parting guidance for the ImagineNation listeners. Protect your dream, and don’t let anyone trample on your dream.

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