101: Listen for Guidance with Leticia Fuerte

Leticia loves living pain free, with no medicines or drugs and as playful and joyful as possible. When Dealing with family members, Business relationships and people in different stages on their personal growth, she suffered emotional pain in many ways; at the same time working with God, her guardian angels and archangels, her faith had special place in her life, to help her detach with respect; and now, lives on a new level of understanding as a free spirit and still a loving mother, daughter and friend to people around her.

Leticia, also known as Lety, is a Certified Trainer in The Canfield Methodology, which is the highest level of training certification that I offer. To achieve this, Lety has spent countless hours learning, practicing and teaching the proven methods of The Success Principles so that she can facilitate greater success for individuals and groups around the world. By becoming a Certified Trainer in The Canfield Methodology, Lety has successfully demonstrated that she has intensely studied the material, applied it to her own life and her teaching and is now equipped to teach this powerfully transformative work to you or your organization.

Lety is also an Energy Healer and Personal Transformation Teacher.  She has developed formulas for what she calls “Active meditations” that help in the releasing of negative energy, allowing the brain and body to reprogram itself to activate positive, new energy in its place.  Lety became interested in this work over 15 years ago.  She wanted to find ways to better herself after a difficult divorce and years in an abusive relationship. Her physical body as well as her emotional mind were aching.  She studied the work of many healers, including Doreen Virtue, Charles Virtue, Dr. Bradley Nelson, and the The Healing Codes by Dr. Alex Loyd.  She also studied the Anatomy of the Spirit and other books from Dr. Caroline Myss, and complimented this learning with Neurolingusitic programming and energy healing. It was through this self-work and transformation that she became inspired and committed to teach this work to as many people as possible to help them achieve wellness, health, and happiness.

Lety is truly passionate about Natural healing and living a joyful life, and one that is free from medications, emotional stress, or physical pain.  She hopes to help people break free of old patterns easily, giving them the tools and knowledge to transform their own personal healing and wellness.

Lety is a contributing author to 3 best-selling books, and holds group workshops, both in person and online, and coaches individuals one-on-one.

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Three Key Points:

The laws of energy, and quantum physics affects how we live our day-to-day lives. We all can heal ourselves.

We all have the ability to tap into divine wisdom and energy. No matter how it manifests to you, whether it’s God, or the universe, etc. — It’s completely possible to receive the guidance and information we need.

Negative emotions, memories, and trauma stores in our body. Our mental pain causes our physical pain, and it’s possible to heal our physical injuries (caused by emotional trauma) by healing ourselves emotionally.

Show Notes:

3:00 — Starting a quest to be pain-free, Leticia Fuerte had to dive deep inside herself to overcome and accept her gifts she was given to avoid prescription painkillers.

7:20 — Communicating with her higher power through her dreams, Leticia saw herself in intense divine situations relating to her healing others from their pain. Then she realized that her purpose was to help others release their pain.

10:30 — Having been blessed with the power of healing, Leticia shares a touching story about how a miracle was able to restore a lost sense-of-smell to someone who has tried nearly everything for nearly four decades.

13:00 — A turning point in her life made Leticia realize that she needs to live out her purpose and step into her divine intent with full force.

15:00 — The energy of the memories affect us, whether it’s negative or positive. Emotional healing is critical to achieve the highest vibrations for memory. Leticia shares an example of someone who has experienced negative energy with her memories, but was able to transform her vibrations for complete emotional healing.

18:00 — Letters to God is one of Leticia’s methods to communicate with her higher power and it grants her the ability to utilize her gifts and talents. It allows her to recalibrate her energy and activate her powers of healing.

21:00 — Negative memories and attachment to trauma stores in your body, and can cause physical pain. That’s how emotional trauma can cause physical issues. Leticia shares examples of how this happens to people, and how to change it.

24:00 — Through crisis and conscious wakeup calls, Leticia has made incredible transformations that led her down her path of fulfilling her purpose. Sharing more examples of the power of healing, Leticia reveals that miracles can happen, as long as you accept the guidance and gifts from your higher power.

26:00 — Leticia shares a practical example of how you can heal yourself by tapping into higher vibrational energy.

30:00 — Ultimately, Leticia’s dream is to help people live a life free of harmful prescription drugs. To find a way to heal themselves from whatever ailments are holding them back, and live a higher quality of life.

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