102: Focus on You with Beverley Vaughn

Beverley Vaughn disrupts the status quo by bringing unique, strategic insights to coaching, speaking, transformation, and information marketing.
Having served as a Corporate Global Sales Manager for 33 and in the International Christian Ministry for 20 years, she combines her rigorously experiential business strategies and fiery linguistic prowess to help ordinary people hone their latent skills to achieve extraordinary things.

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Three Key Points:

Our thoughts are very important. As we focus our thoughts on what we want, and ensure we’re moving forward in becoming who we are, we put ourselves into a place where we truly experience our purpose. This allows us to use the tool of the Law of Attraction.

Once you focus and narrow in on what is for you in life, and set things in motion, then the Law of Attraction starts to work. Focus on your belief system and what you want to draw to yourself.

Take time to stop, and focus. Pay attention to what’s going on around you, because when opportunity knocks on your door, you need to be focus, clear minded, and ready to seize it.

Show Notes:

3:30 — The direction and perspective Beverley Vaughn was taking has drastically shifted due to some conscious and crises wakeup calls. Taking a step back, and reflecting on herself, she realized she wanted to create a “ripple effect” in her life that will last even after she passes.

6:00 — Many people don’t actually understand purpose. It’s not what you’re hear for, it’s not your calling, etc. You don’t look for your purpose, you actually unfold and recover it. Beverley shares how to reclaim your voice that may have been lost throughout your journey of life.

8:00 — Understanding who she has been in order to understand who’s she’s becoming is one of the greatest gifts Beverley has gotten. As you live your life you are pursuing clarity of your purpose and how to live it: as a blueprint.

11:45 — As a caretaker of her mother, Beverley lived in a plane because she had to travel a lot between states to take care of her mother. She learned that after her mother’s passing, that everything in her life revolved around her mom. Having to make a change in her life, she decided to live life without the expectations of the “cans” or the “shoulds.”

15:00 — Coining the term “wakeup artist,” Beverley shares that for those people who want to stop working on the radar and make an enormous transformation in their lives, there are tools available that can help them achieve their goals.

17:30 — As a coach you have to be able to see into people’s lives things that aren’t actually coming out of their mouths. Get deeper into their “vaults” within their minds in order to figure out their pain and turn those negatives into gifts.

19:45 — One of her very first clients struggled with not feeling good enough, insecurity, and other trauma. Finding out that her client was bullied as a girl, she realized that her client has lost her voice at a very young age. Dealing with the trauma, and dealing with the blockages that stopped you first, you can then find your voice and gift yourself tremendous power for your development.

23:45 — You don’t glow in the dark. God glows in the dark, so whatever you’re supposed to be according to “God’s will,” you need to realize that you’re not meant to be religious first. That is exhibiting the Bible, and living it.

27:30 — Sharing one last piece of guidance, Beverley reveals that we’ve become a society that thrives on distractions. Learn how to focus, and pay attention. When opportunity knocks, live in the moment and pay attention to seize the opportunity.

29:00 — Beverley shares her email and phone number exclusively for the ImagineNation and The Miracle U listeners to get into contact with her for more information and help with your journey on focusing on you and your purpose.

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