103: The Power of Story with Zarinah El-Amin

Zarinah is an award-winning Detroit based anthropologist who helps mission-driven entrepreneurs create cultural change through books, programs, businesses, experiences and products that feed their pockets, their soul, and the world.

As a global presenter, Zarinah has served museums, libraries, corporations and institutions all over the world. She has been featured by TEDx, NPR, FOX, CBS, Bermuda Press, and in several print media. When not working, Zarinah is relaxing with her 3 children or planning her next global adventure.

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Three Key Points:

We all have stories to tell, but unfortunately many stories we tell are disempowering to us. It’s important to write your story in a way that makes it empowering and retell it to others who can benefit from it.

Many times people wont act on their inspiration, and just leave it to the side — unfortunately many of those inspirational stories never get heard. But it’s important to, once you have the inspiration, actually share that with the world — otherwise your story will end up 6-feet under along with you.

Talking and thinking about death isn’t about sounding morbid. It’s about the driving motivational factors that kicks us into gear to develop, write, and tell our inspirational stories.

Show Notes:

2:50 — To awaken people to their souls through stories, Zarinah shares her mission and divine intent as a cultural anthropologist.

4:45 — Contributing to the positive evolution of society, Zarinah realized that ever since the beginning of the history of mankind, the stories we tell through words have allowed us to evolve and progress.

6:00 — There’s a power to telling your own story in your own words. It makes other people’s lives easier because they can benefit from what they learn by your stories.

8:00 — Helping people make their messages coherent and structured, Zarinah helps them connect with their audience through their stories. Creating value and sharing intimate and vital information with others benefits all.

12:00 — After the passing of her mother, Zarinah learned what her legacy pieces were. Travelling around the world, and helping others see how to do the thing called “being human.” Every story has its place. It’s infectious and helps people connect with the world.

15:15 — Unfortunately, many lessons we learn as humans end up 6-feet underground. Everyone has stories, life is always changing, and therefore we are always evolving. But we want to have changes that evolves us to the next level in a beneficial way — that’s why it’s important to capture our stories.

17:15 — With writing, Zarinah discovered that there were benefits that she never thought of. There were broken relationships repaired, and love restored through writing books.

20:00 — You don’t have to be a hot-shot “big-named” person like Oprah or Elon Musk. Everyone has stories and incredible opportunities to share our gifts and evolve as better humans in the world we’re all sharing and living in.

23:00 — You may not change the lives of millions of people (or maybe you will), however if your story can help at least one person, and transform one person’s life, then you’re truly creating a miracle for that person’s life and legacy.

28:45 — Connect to your elders, at their feet. Ask a question, “what was a miracle in your life?” You’ll be surprised the memories and stories that they hold on to. It’s free, and you have an opportunity to get important guidance and a lesson that can help you in your own life.

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