104: Finding Yourself with Gina Cobb

Gina is known as Gina the Gemologist. She founded Gina M. Cobb, Inc. November 8th, 2018 in response to seeing people struggle shopping for jewelry.  Most people go from store to store hearing many different opinions based on the jewelry experience of the person helping them.  It was clear to her there was a need for a new niche service was needed.  She continues to follow as her guiding light, the important meaning behind each piece of jewelry purchase.  Jewelry marks the celebration of life’s milestones that are cherished for a lifetime.

Her niche business is designed to create an ease when shopping, one that is tailored with clients’ needs first, combined with consistent information, and transparent service from store to store.

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Episode Resources:

Official Website: ginathegem.com

Facebook: @ginathegemologist

Instagram: @ginathegemologist

Three Key Points:

Everything uses and is made of energy. The way you look at yourself, treat yourself, etc. all use up your energy. Surrounding yourself with gems and crystals and other ways to support your vibration will transform your life in an empowering way.

When you have the enthusiasm and excitement towards aspects of your life, that’s when you’re living your divine intent. The energies of stones and crystals around us are important for supporting us and using it for self confidence to share with the world your energy.

We don’t have to be good at everything, but we need to understand our specialties and skillset.

Show Notes:

3:41 — We don’t have to be valuable to own things. Remove the stigma of things that aren’t monetarily valuable, but instead realize the attached value of the memories and energies related to the object.

6:00 — Going from wanting not to live day after day, to loving life and excited for the next adventure day by day, Gina shares that finding herself was one of the biggest blessings and miracles in her life.

8:30 — Even the objects that you don’t believe matches your style, so long as it’s accompanied by the correct energy vibrations that’s suitable for you, can 100% match your style and show off your radiance.

11:00 — If you hold on to negativity, life is a lot harder. But if you realize you’re worth every stone and gem, you encapsulate how special and worthy you really are.

13:30 — Realizing that she needed to change her thoughts and lifestyle, knowing in her heart what was right, and realizing that it’s okay of other people didn’t think she was right. It’s not about what’s right or wrong in the eyes of others, it’s about what you know to be justice in your heart.

16:45 — Sharing her dream and her message, Gina noticed that her gemologist calling helps women and men find uses for their jewelry that they already have, and save them time and money. It’s an affordable way to utilize the tools you already have to raise your energy and vibrations.

20:00 — Everyone has their perfect roadmap with jewelry. It doesn’t have to always be expensive, but high quality and a proper representation for your own energy.

23:00 — Jewelry should find you, instead of you finding jewelry. What do you connect the best with? What resonates with you the most? Color, style, shape, memories and context, all tie into how you resonate with the jewelry.

27:00 — One pro tip is that if you’re going jewelry shopping is that if you’re looking for a nice set for a specific event or outfit, wear that same outfit when you go shopping. Also, (even though it’s taboo) be completely honest with the salesperson with how much you’re looking to spend. They are there to help you. The more information you give them, the better chance you’re going to have in finding the right set.

29:30 — The trust, transparency, and honesty — as well as excitement and desire to help — from both parties are vital for successful transfers of energy and harmony when buying jewelry.

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