108: What Makes You Happy with Ian Grant

Ian Grant was born and raised in Hyde park, Vermont with family dogs by his side. In 1998 at 22 years old, he decided to move to Florida to pursue a career as a professional golfer. 

Towards the end of his career in 2005, he watched an episode of the Dog Whisperer and was hooked (Miracle!) In 2007, he and his wife opened Vermont Dog Boarding and Behavior out of their home. With hopes of helping local dogs, they grew their business and are now getting clients from all over New England.

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Three Key Points:

Finding our own answers is extremely important. We must learn what it is like to get answers to our most important questions in our life. When we get these promptings we must take action. When we are willing to listen for our answers and then take action in a self supporting ways.

When you become aware of your Divine Intent, your true purpose for living, you know it. It feels good throughout your body and you are willing to take action on it immediately. This calling is usually very strong and you are willing to follow it even if it isn’t normally how you would behave,

When you find what makes you happy with a little trust, you can discover how it can bring more health and abundance. The high vibration we are experiencing attracts more of what we want Into our life.

Show Notes:

3:09 - Ians share about his dog boarding and behavior company. His company is dedicated to making a difference in the pet’s and owners lives.

6:00 - We get promptings or wake up calls through out our life, if we look back we can see where we have been pointed on our path.

7:15 - Ian shares how he knew it was time for a change and how he knew immediately it was time to follow what makes him happy.

9:12 - There are no mistakes or coincidences. He found many things he learned in golf were pertinent in his dog business.

11:25 - There are lessons in everything we do that help us in every aspect of our lives. Noticing these lesson help us see we are on track.

13:55 - Ian shares something that you can learn from dogs that will help you with people.

17:20 - Ian shares how he has found the next leg of living his purpose and sharing his gifts and talents.

19:35 - When you make your work your own you are being true to yourself. Creating what feels right to you, you open the door for others.

22:50 - Be aware of paralysis from analysis. Listening to your instincts and move forward from that place.

24:10 - Relationships are important and positive re-enforcement is just as important for humans as it is for dogs.

26:10 - Guidance comes in many ways and following that guidance is a choice. You get to choose every step you take.

31:45 - Ian shares some guidance he wants you to take away from the episode to help you in business and life.

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