109: Listening To You with Lisa Griffin

In Lisa's own words:

My mission in this life is to help people heal themselves by clearing the field and getting people back in touch with their higher selves/intuition. By re-awakening people to the truth that they have never been separate from Source, no matter how convinced they are of the separation. I do this in a variety of ways including a deep clearing of the energy body and opening of the pineal gland, along with a few other connections that typically need to be made. Then I work to clear any and all that blocks a person has from hearing their inner knowings, and to consciously work with that voice/their guides. I work to clear blocks that keep them from living their best life and choosing healthy behavior patterns. We might clear by going into past lives, different points in this life, ancestral clearing, going extra dimensionally and extra terrestrially, by channeling other entities (of high frequency) that need to come through to give various pieces of information, by removing entity attachments, etheric implants, though forms/viruses, reprogramming DNA, emotional processing, and more. This work is done while channeling the clients' higher self and guides and Source, so everything is specific to the person and their needs in that moment.  

My journey to awakening started about 20 years ago, and not too long after that I had a series of progressively worse car accidents. I ended up with a shattered heel bone and was unable to bear weight for several weeks, used a knee walker, a ramp, and was completely dependent on others, as well as in great pain. That was the worst one and I finally had to ask myself why all these car accidents? Why always damage to my feet? Then I started to understand what pain in certain areas of the body was for. And the feet indicated issues with my foundation, so I had to look at my job, my marriage, my thoughts patterns, my hobbies. Everything was on the table. My journey went from there into asking really tough questions about my reality and our collective reality, that at many points left me confused and angry, but in the end glad to see from new perspectives. So as crazy as my ascension and awakening journey has been and is, it has been a blessing. I feel passionate about guiding other people through their journeys as a Shaman and Ascension Coach.

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Three Key Points:

Being open to new possibilities and new ways of looking at our lives. We all have our truths. The are the things that we have chosen to belief and they become our truths. But it is important to know and remember our truths aren’t necessarily someone else’s.

Two very important concepts that can and will help us on the journey of discovering new possibilities and maybe even new truths ore listening from a place of not knowing and being in one conversation. These concepts will help you step into a new awareness and perhaps choose new truths.

It is important to share your truths, but you must also accept that others have their truths and even if we don’t believe or accept their truth. As we learn to allow others to have their truths and awaken in their timing, we will change the ways of the world.

Show Notes:

4:00 - Lisa shares her mission of helping people in their processes of finding and facilitating their accession and growth. She is here to help people reconnect with source.

6:10 - Like many healers, Lisa had to call everything into question to actually wake her up to what is truth and what was her truth.

9:00 - Our bodies have messages for us and we must take the time to understand the messages and implement what we learn.

13:41 Lisa shares the difficulties she had as she moved into understanding life and the reason for being and how to live that life.

16:20 - Many times the things that are important to us and are our truths feel like they are topics that are unsafe for us. But it time to awaken and speak up.

17:40 - Lisa shares how her study of religions and modalities have been brought into her work and how it effects her clients.

21:10 - Separation has caused many of our current issues. Lisa shares with us some of the commonalities in the different religions that can help bring oneness.

28:35 - Lisa shares what is the composition of her sessions and some of the results that people have experienced with her facilitation.

34:05 - Lisa shares a piece of guidance that she wants everyone to take away from her episode.

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