111: Vulnerability From Within with Michelle Kaplan

The Corporate Poet, Michelle Kaplan works with ambitious and achievement-oriented leaders, aspiring and established executives, who are actively seeking more fulfillment in their careers and home life and transformation for their teams, organization, and family.

Courageous and bold, they understand that the changes they seek outside comes from within. Impatient for results, her clients are willing and able to invest in themselves to get to the underlying core issues that hold them back from the things they desire.

By leveraging Michelle’s 30 years of HR experience and 15 years as a Coach and Trainer, focused on Leadership Development and Organizational Effectiveness, she helps her clients maximize their authentic leadership abilities to harness and impact their organization’s people, productivity, and profitability and transform their personal lives.

Michelle is also a published author with each of her two books recognized as an Amazon Top Hot New Release for Inspirational Poetry.

Podcast: Diz Runs Radio (launched 1 July 2014, currently at 922 episodes and counting), Author of Be Ready on Race Day (2018), Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Entrepreneur, Running Coach (since 2015)

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Three Key Points:

We all have our answers to any question that we may have. Knowing and understanding how to tap into your own guidance and use that guidance to take the next will open you life to greater achievements and successes you have ever imagined. Helping others do the same will result in a community of like minded and like hearted people helping each other be all they can be.

Not only the answers can be found on the inside. But the change or transformation you are seeking also comes from the inside. You know your direction and your divine intent and trusting that fact is the next step. As you begin to trust, you will see that you have known your path all along and have been walking it.

Wake up calls can lead us into discovering ourselves at new levels. As we discover what we don’t want from the experience, we are then able to discover what we really want. 

Show Notes:

3:44 - Michelle shares how she used the Covid Pandemic experience to get to know herself and to blend all parts of herself in integration.

5:20 - Michelle uses universal themes to express herself through poetry. She finds the poetry ignites her intuition.

8:00 - Uses poetry to create flow in her world and in the coaching work that she does with her corporate and business clients.

10:45 - Michelle shares her divine intent of safety so people can show up authentically in the world.

13:30 - Learn how breast cancer was the wake up call for Michelle to find who she really is and what she really wants.

16:53 - A moment of shutting down through her illness in the quiet of her room brought the realization what Michelle really wanted was to be a mom.

19:25 - Our fear of what we might find by looking inside is never as bad as we expect. There is usually one are belief that manifests in several ways.

20:29 - Michelle shares how she uses RIM to help people understand where the belief that is holding them back came from as they self discover what comes up.

23:40 - Michelle share some of the results she has helped her clients experience by guiding the to the answers.

26:00 - Michelle shares a poem to help us understand the benefits of going inside and finding the answers.

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