112: Finding The Door with Giselle Toner

Giselle Toner has over 30 years of experience teaching women and men how to increase their energies, physically, mentally and spiritually through the ancient science of yoga, and to up-level their self worth personally and professionally through her Strategic Life Coaching Mentorship Programs. She's a certified "Perfect Health" Educator, having been trained personally by Deepak Chopra, M.D. in LaJolla, CA in 1998. She currently holds retreats in various tropical destinations to teach “The Successful Goddess Blueprint,” a training course that helps women Ignite Their Value in all aspects of life, and “The Abusive Relationship Trap” course to release trauma from abuse, using her horse for empowerment coaching. She is also a pubic motivational speaker.

Giselle is a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach and has been teaching Yoga for over 30 years. She has a Yoga Teacher Training School for those who want to become yoga teachers themselves.

She also teaches courses in Ayurveda, having been trained personally by Deepak Chopra and David Simon in La Jolla, California in 1998. Specializing in coaching those who feel broken by unfortunate circumstances and unfulfilling relationships, she transforms her clients to become more empowered and in touch with their Highest-Level Self.

Giselle uses Strategic Intervention Life Coaching, Yoga, and Equine Wisdom Coaching with horses to empower women, at-risk teens and veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She is a public motivational speaker with online courses and holds specialized retreats in tropical destinations.

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Three Key Points:

There is an active and passive dynamic to creating. These two concepts are essential to understand as we learn to create by understanding we are all energy and everything around us is energy. The active dynamic of creating is intent. The passive component is allowing.

The natural and automatic go to position for humans, especially Americans, is to look for the reason and even state why the idea won’t work or can’t happen instead of immediately looking for a way to make it happen. This results in us not trying something new because we already believe it won’t work.

Everything that happens in our lives is a creation or co-creation to assist us on our journey. In these creations, whether we consider it good or bad, each contain a gift to help us develop or discover one or more of our unique gifts and talents. These gifts and talents are essential in us living our mission.

Show Notes:

4:25 - Giselle shares how she has used her trials and tribulations of life to help many people in life. By learning how to find the gifts in what happens in her life, she has become a great coach.

6:10 - Giselle tells us about the biggest of many wake up calls in her life and that the life threatening situations propelled her to her understanding of life.

8:10 - Wanting to live was the impetus to reach out to the good after seeing so much bad around her.

13:00 - Giselle shares reaching the point when she cried out for help and the guidance she desperately needed was given to her.

19:30 - There is something more for everyone of us. Listen for the guidance that is showing you or taking you to life you are meant to live.

21:00 - Giselle shares that true yoga is finding your true self. As you uncover the parts of you, there is opportunity to move fully into experiencing who you are.

22:30 - Learn how horses have helped Giselle and her clients in self-discovery and learning how to find and bring out their power.

26:20 - Giselle shares how horse therapy helped one of her clients find courage and strength.

30:00 - Giselle shares what she has learned about doing more and looking for the next thing.

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