113: Making An Impression with Patricia Brusha

Patricia Brusha has spent her career as a successful Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author in the fields of Hospitality Marketing, Educational Conferences, Non-Profit Organization and Retail Owner. 

Co-Founder of A Couple of Chicks Digital Marketing Company Patricia worked in the United States and Canada in the fields of Sales, Digital Marketing, Internet Channel Distribution and Revenue Management for large franchise ownership groups and major hotel brands. She has award winning experience managing SEO, Social media, paid online advertising strategies and is a Google Certified Professional

Patricia also founded Online Revealed Canada, the original and only digital marketing conference providing hands on workshops for the travel and tourism Industry in Canada. For over 10 years, Online Revealed Canada produced 10 major International Conferences educating over 2000 industry professionals by providing over 150 workshops and keynote presentations. The conference garnered industry support from Google, Microsoft, Bing ,Facebook , TripAdvisor, Travelzoo and Expedia to name a few.

Shortly after retiring Patricia’s 28 year old daughter tragically and unexpectedly passed away from Stage 4 Cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol abuse. In her daughter’s memory, and based on an idea her daughter had, she founded Purse-Impressions Charity Boutique

Purse-Impressions transforms the tragedy and heartbreak of losing a child from addiction into inspiration and compassion for others who are overcoming addiction in their own lives. The charity is on a mission to provide support to graduates of rehab as they begin their recovery

In just 1 ½ years Purse-Impressions has donated over 1500 ‘fresh start’ purses and backpacks to 10 rehabs in AZ, FL, CO, DC and Canada. Her graduation program and unique Purse Boutique has attracted local attention and her charity and mission has been featured in Arizona’s TV News programs , newspapers and podcasts. 

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Episode Resources:

Official Website: purse-impressions.com

Facebook: @fromcourtney

Instagram: @plbrusha

Twitter: @plbrusha

Email: patricia@purse-impressions.com

Three Key Points:

Sharing your quintessence, allowing the real and concentrated essence of you to shine out into the world, leaves am impression beyond what you could ever imagine.That impression is enhance when you are expressing your vibration through all of your energy. We can do that when we match our essence in how we are perceived, Being in alignment with who we are creates magic.

There are many things that happen that just don’t seem to make sense. They are painful and that hurt never seems to go away. At the same time, there are positive and empowering things that come from these tragedies. Finding the gift in the most painful of situations can lead to making the difference you are meant to make.

When you find your path in life and live it fully, you create and make possible opportunities for others to do the same just by living your life on your purpose. It is a chain reaction that will result in each of us knowing that we are living the life we are meant to live.

Show Notes:

5:20 - Patricia shares the story of her daughter, Courtney’s life and how the loss has led Patricia to helping others.

8:30 - Patricia’s wake up call came in realizing she was being a hypocrite in advising her daughter to do something that she hadn’t.

11:55 - We have our gifts and talents to allow us to live our divine intent in a fulfilling way as we help people do the same.

14:50 - Spreading the word by sharing Courtney’s story is the pain and the medicine at the same time as she is helping others.

19:30 - Patricia shares how providing a space for others to share their stories has helped her and others on the healing journey.

21:00 - Patricia shares a letter from recipient of a Purse Impression’s bag!

23:40 - In helping others you can help yourself, Patricia reads a little from Courtney’s journal.

27:20 - What is next for Purse Impressions and personally for Patricia, as she continues her passion and desire to share Courtney’s story further.

31:00 - Patricia talks bout being given a great gift and knowing that is up to her to decide what to do with it.

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