115: Great Things In Life with Jasmin Shum

Jasmin Tak Shum came to America from Macau at age 16, graduated college with double majors in Math & Economics, and went on to obtain Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) while working full time. However, the excitement of achievement wore off revealing a sadness and emptiness that her heart could no longer ignore. She started her soul searching journey by moving overseas multiple times only to realize that happiness had always been within. Jasmin now uses her experience to help women harness their power so they, too, can live a life with clarity, happiness, fulfillment and peace.

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Three Key Points:

We all have calling in life and it is meant to be answered. This calling can show up in many ways. How we choose to deal with our calling is up to each and everyone of us. Many of us have this ache of knowing there is something more. We realize that there is something missing and we want to find it and uncover who we truly are and why we chose to come to this earth.

Doing the right thing, going to the right school, taking the right job and being in the right relationship are all important as we discover our answers to the big questions of life. The question is what is right for you. There are many answers and plenty of people to share them.  But there is only one true set of answers for you and you have them. The secret is finding them.

Many times we feel that there is something wrong with us when we have been successful and achieved a lot, but still feel that there should be more. Other times we feel that life is what it is and will never be any different…never be any better. Both of these can stop us finding the more and living our best life.

Show Notes:

3:03 - Jasmin shares about who she is and how she came to step out and what brought her to founding The Great Things in Life.

6:26 - Many times we excel at the path we choose in life and still we find that there is something missing, something calling us to more.

7;20 - Jasmin shares her wake up call was more subtle and she listened before it became a crisis wake up.

9:40 - Through an eternal struggle, Jasmin looked for the answers for relief on the outside by moving close to family.

12:55 - Jasmin explains her ah-ha moment of deciding to find what was missing for her as she realized she had been running away.

15:00 - Many times we use external things to help us quiet or ignore the emotions that we are feeling when we know there is something more.

16:45 - Jasmin shares how she finally realized that the answers to feeling lost and alone weren’t on the outside they were actually on the inside.

21:50 - We don’t know about ourselves because many times we are trying to fit in or please other people.

26:45 - Jasmin shares one of her most important traits and how she discovered it was a gift.

30:57 - As a parting piece of guidance, Jasmin shares that you are enough. You are worthy and your dream is not too big.

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